No one knows their community better than the people who live, work and play in the County.

The decisions the County makes impacts the daily lives of people in our municipality. Public participation creates opportunities for individuals with diverse perspectives to come together and share their ideas with staff and elected officials. It's also an opportunity to listen and learn from others and to assist decision-makers as they explore ways to improve plans, programs and services.

The County of Grande Prairie has made it a priority to enhance public participation in municipal decision-making and service delivery, by implementing a Public Participation Policy in 2018.

The overarching goal of the policy is to build on our current practices for public participation so that Council is confident that decisions made are reflective of a range of citizen and stakeholder priorities and interests, and so that service delivery fits the public’s expectations.

Public Participation Policy, Strategy and Toolkit

After extensive research, staff and council workshops, a public survey, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews, the County approved a Public Participation Policy which refers to and confirms the consistent use of the strategy document and a fully integrated Toolkit. The Public Participation Policy, Strategy and Toolkit establishes clear processes and guidelines to guide future interaction with a wide range of stakeholder groups and the general public in County decision-making and on the delivery of policies, programs, projects and services, where public participation is required and beneficial.

If you'd like to share ideas and provide feedback on a current project, please visit our Engage County of Grande Prairie platform. We will update the page frequently to ensure the community knows when and where we will be seeking input and sharing ideas on current projects.