Effective leadership of a municipality starts with developing a shared understanding of the challenges to be faced and the priorities to be pursued. The County of Grande Prairie has developed a 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, which will guide all planning, initiatives and operations in the County over the next five years.

The Strategic Plan is an overarching framework that identifies goals and strategies that will assist us in achieving our vision and mission.

The Plan will direct the work of the County in a variety of areas such as service delivery, land use planning, roads, water and sewer infrastructure, citizen well-being, partnerships and economic development. It also reflects the County vision: The County of Grande Prairie No. 1.  First in building sustainable, prosperous and safe communities.


Six themes identify the most important priorities for the County. Each theme is supported by focused objectives to achieve these priorities and the new vision.

The six themes that will shape the County's work and planning over the next four years include:

  1. Effective Transportation Networks
  2. Fiscal Management
  3. Economic Development
  4. Effective Land-Use Management 
  5. Community Wellness and Safety
  6. Governance and Leadership

Council and administration will regularly monitor the plan, track progress, and report to the public annually. This process will ensure the County can make adjustments to accommodate change, challenges and new opportunities that arise.

The strategic priorities, which are part of the Strategic Plan, are reviewed and frequently updated to ensure it still reflects the needs and views of the County.

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Current and previous Strategic Plans and Priorities

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