Located in northwestern Alberta, on Treaty 8 Territory, the County of Grande Prairie is home to a mix of urban and rural vibrant communities and immense opportunities. Our foundation is the people who live and work here: friendly, innovative, creative and welcoming.

The natural resource-rich area serves as a home to a diverse economic base that includes forestry, energy, agriculture, construction and manufacturing, as well as tourism, hospitality and retail. It also offers a playground for locals and visitors, with an abundance of indoor and outdoor recreation and cultural activities to suit any age.

Meet County Council, find information on upcoming meetings and learn more about its initiatives and plans and stay up to date on the latest news. As laid out in the Strategic Plan we work to achieve the vision of: The County of Grande Prairie No. 1.  First in building sustainable, prosperous and safe communities.

Learn more about our history, upcoming events or read all about our services and amenities to appreciate why our residents give us top marks for quality of life.

Aerial photo of Clairmont

The County is ripe for continued economic development.

Cover of strategic Plan

The County's Strategic Plan guides all planning, initiatives and operations.

Cover of the Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines how municipal tax dollars were invested.