The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) recognizes agricultural families who have farmed or ranched in the County of Grande Prairie for 100 years or more.

Heritage Award 100 Years of Farming

Heritage Award

  • Recognizes farm/ranch families who homesteaded and continuously farmed/ranched the same land for 100 years or more

Pioneer Award

  • Recognizes families who have lived and farmed/ranched within the County of Grande prairie for 100 years or more.

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Which award will I be eligible for?

To find out if you qualify for the Heritage or Pioneer award check out the 100 Years of Farming Policy and procedures.

What if I can't find the homestead papers or land titles?

Email the Agriculture department or call 780-532-9727 and we will assist you.

How will I be recognized?

A locally made metal gate sign will be awarded to you in council chambers or at your farm/ranch  by a Council or Board member and the Agricultural Fieldman.