The Bezanson Truck Fill provides bulk water to County residents for residential and agricultural use.

Location and Hours of Operation

Located at 9921 100 Avenue, Bezanson, AB

Open Monday – Sunday from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Bezanson Truck Fill

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Cost for bulk water: $9/m3

Water limit per user: 16 m3/month

Fee to apply for an account: $45

How do I set up an account for the Bezanson Truck Fill?

  1. Fill out the application form with your first and last name, County address (physical or legal land description), email address and phone number(s) and click 'Apply Now'.

    Please note: For "Company Name" you must put your first and last name. If you miss this step your application may be denied.

  2. You will receive a request to confirm your email address. This will be sent to the email provided at registration. 
    • If you don't see the email in your inbox, it may be in your junk mail folder.
    • Confirm your email address. Once your email address is confirmed, the County will approve your application within 1-2 business days.
  3. Once approved you will receive a welcome email asking you to confirm your account. Click on the link in the email and a “Confirm Account” screen will open. 
    • Set up your account password, security question and answer. Your username is the email address you provided.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to note your Account Access Number for future reference.

I have an account. How do I buy water?

  1. Log-in using your username (your email address) and password to set-up your PIN. 
    Please note: The website may take 1-2 minutes to load the first time you access it.

  2. Register a vehicle to your account.

    1. Click “Truck Management” followed by “New” to register a vehicle(s)
    2. You will be automatically assigned an Account Access Number.
    3. You will be required to provide each vehicle with a truck name. This can be a number (ex: 001) or text-based (ex: blue truck).
    4. A license plate number must also be recorded for each vehicle you register. 
    5. Assign each vehicle a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
      Helpful Tip: Be sure to note your Access Number and PIN. They are both be required to dispense water at the Truck Fill Station.
  3. Pre-pay for water by contacting the County of Grande Prairie.
    • Call 780-532-7393 during regular business hours.
    • Stop by the Public Works office at 10001-84 Avenue, Clairmont and pay with cash, cheque, Interac, or credit card.
    • Mail a cheque, payable to the County of Grande Prairie, 10001 84 Ave., Clairmont, AB., T8X 5B4.
      Please be sure to note: ”Bezanson Truck Fill” and your Account Access Number on the memo line so you can be properly credited
    1. Please note: All users will be required to pay a one-time $45 application fee prior to using the Truck Fill.

You're now ready to visit the Bezanson Truck Fill! Don't forget your PIN and Account Access Number.

How do I use the Bezanson Truck Fill?

Access the Bezanson Truck Fill by using your Account Access Number and four-digit.

Purchase up to 16 m3 of water per month at $9/cubic metre.

The Bezanson Truck Fill is intended for residential and agricultural use only. There is no commercial use permitted.

Filling your water tank

These instructions are also posted at the Bezanson Truck Fill.

  1. Upon arrival to the Truck Fill, users are encouraged to take notice of the illuminated light located on the outside of the building.
    • A GREEN light indicates that the Truck Fill is fully operational.
    • A RED light indicates that the Truck Fill is temporarily unavailable. 
  2. If the outdoor light is GREEN, connect the water fill hose to your tank.
  3. Select your connection type, either:
    • Truck (four-inch overhead connection) or
    • Tank (two-inch side connection)
  4. Enter your four-digit Account Access Number. Press ‘ENTER'.
  5. Enter your four-digit PIN Number. Press ‘ENTER'.
  6. Enter the volume of water you wish to dispense (in cubic metres). Press ‘ENTER'.
  7. Ensure that your hose is connected.
  8. Press ‘START' to begin water flow.
  9. Volume of water dispensing will be displayed on the screen.
  10. The water will stop automatically once the requested volume is reached.
  11. Press ‘STOP' to stop water flow.

Need help setting up your Bezanson Truck Fill account?

To set up an account for the Bezanson Truck Fill, you need to use your first and last name and have an address (physical address or legal land description), phone number and email address.

If you require assistance setting up your account, please have the above information ready and contact the Public Works department.

Call 780-532-7393 or stop by the Public Works building located at 10001-84 Avenue, Clairmont.