Clubroot is a soil-borne disease of canola and the Brassicaceae family. Galls grow on the roots and prevent the plant from getting necessary water and nutrients. It is a regulated pest under the Agricultural Pest Act

What is Being Done to Help?

The County takes active measures measures to prevent the spread of clubroot. Inspectors  monitor and sample canola fields for Clubroot in the municipality each year with the intent to minimize the impact of clubroot on producers in our County. 

What to Look For

        Clubroot early stage        Clubroot on canola         Canola infected with clubroot

             Infection symptoms                           Severe infection symptoms               Canola infected with clubroot


There are many measures you can take to prevent the spread of Clubroot, such as to:

  • Scout canola early and often throughout the growing season;
  • Use a four-year rotation of canola to reduce the chances of getting Clubroot;
  • Practice equipment sanitation for limiting the spread of the disease, such as removing soil from equipment before exiting fields; and
  • Use cleaned and fungicide treated pedigree seed, as well as Clubroot resistant varieties as part of your crop rotations.

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