Returning Safely

Welcome Home Guide

Please review the Welcome Home Guide for important information to make sure you safely return to your home including first steps, utility information, water safety, insurance information, FireSmart and more.

Waste disposal

Waste bins will be placed in the most impacted areas for disposing of regular waste associated with the damage of the wildfire.

Insurance Information

The Welcome Home Guide provides more details but please note,

If you are insured:

  • Contact your insurance company immediately.
  • Take photos of any damage.

If you are not insured, check on available assistance:

Reporting Property Damage Due to Fireguard Construction

Returning homeowners may note changes to the landscape in their neighbourhood or their property due to wildfire mitigation and structural protection work.

Are you a resident whose property was impacted by the construction of fireguards and/or firebreaks during the Dunes West Wildfire response?

Residents of properties impacted by the construction of fire guards and/or fire breaks are asked to fill out the following property damage report form by June 16, 2023, describing the damage to their property due to these emergency response measures. Please ensure you contact your personal insurance provider as the first step, as they may provide guidance. The County will review all damage reports and meet with residents regarding the restoration process.

What is a fireguard?

A fireguard is an area of brush or vegetation that has been removed in an attempt to prevent the spread of wildfire. On County properties, this may look like the removal of trees or other plants, fencing or outbuildings.

Damage to a house or property as a result of the wildfire itself, including smoke damage, fire damage, burnt trees, etc. must be reported to your personal insurance provider. The County is collecting information only about damages due to the construction of fireguards.  

Report Property Damage 

Disaster Recovery Funding

The County of Grande Prairie is in the process of applying for the Government of Alberta Disaster Recovery Program for financial assistance.

  • If the County receives approval, affected residents may be eligible to apply for financial assistance under the Program to help cover damages that were not covered by their existing insurance.
  • This program can only be used once per property, and only applies to residents who already have existing fire insurance.
  • Please refer to the Disaster Recovery Program reference material included in your Welcome Home Guide or visit the Disaster Recovery Program page on the Government of Alberta's website.


FireSmart is a planning tool that helps to reduce wildfires from happening in our community. 

Whether you are a homeowner or business and despite your industry or government, we have a shared responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfires and prepare for the threat of wildfire in the County.

Learn more about how you can be FireSmart


View the updates released to the public by the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership during the Dunes West Wildfire.

Reimbursement Forms

Evacuees who have accommodation and meal expenses to claim, can complete the Reimbursement Form and bring or mail it, along with original receipts, to:

County of Grande Prairie Administration Office
10001-84 Ave.
Clairmont, AB T8X 5B2. 


The Dunes West Wildfire Information Line at 1-825-606-5092 will remain open over the May long weekend,10 a.m. to 3 p.m.