Call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.

The County employs Enhanced RCMP members that work out of the Community Services Building along with Regional Enforcement Services to keep our community safe.


To get access to non-emergency policing resources in the County, you can contact your RCMP detachment:

  • Beaverlodge RCMP Detachment – 780-354-2485
  • Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment – 780-830-5700

Grande Prairie Region Crime Map

Residents can view the RCMP’s Grande Prairie Region Crime Map to view information on missing persons, stolen vehicle and high crime areas.

Grande Prairie RCMP Newsletter

Residents can download and read the Grande Prairie RCMP Newsletter in English or French. If you have questions about the newsletter contact Grande Prairie RCMP. If you need to report suspicious activity contact your local RCMP using the numbers listed above.

 Previous issues of the Grande Prairie RCMP Newsletter

November 2021 - in English or French

October 2021 - in English or French

September 2021 - in English or French

August 2021 - in English or French

July 2021 - in English or French

June 2021 - in English or French

May 2021 -  in English or French

April 2021 - in English or French

Report a drug house

If you suspect drug activity in the area, you can submit a Report a Drug House form to have the RCMP investigate. All information you provide is strictly confidential. Please do not take unnecessary risks or actions on your own. 

What are the responsibilities of the Enhanced RCMP Unit?

The Enhanced RCMP Unit is contracted to the County to provide a variety of policing services and community programs including:

Crime reduction
The Enhanced RCMP Unit conduct proactive crime reduction patrols to keep our communities safe. 
Specialized patrols
Enhanced RCMP and Community Peace Officers use mountain bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and a jet boat to ensure safety and provide a visible presence in the County's green spaces and parklands.
Special events policing
The Enhanced RCMP Unit provides policing services to ensure safety at large special events. If you are planning an event that may require special events policing contact the Enhanced RCMP a year in advance.
Emergency management
The Enhanced RCMP Unit works with the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (GPREP) to address any local emergencies in the community.
Citizens on Patrol (COP) Program
The Citizens On Patrol (COP) Program allows you to volunteer and help to keep our neighbourhoods safe. If you participate in this program, you would report any petty crimes and report them to the Enhanced RCMP Unit. 
 Alberta Rural Crime Watch

The Enhanced RCMP acts as a liaison with local rural crime watch groups to monitor suspicious activity and share information within the County. Find more information about Alberta Rural Crime Watch.

PARTY program
The Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y) program is a one-day injury awareness and prevention event for youth age 15 and older. This event helps promote a growing community that reduces death and injury in alcohol, drug and risk-related crashes and incidents.