The County of Grande Prairie collects property taxes to help pay for services, facilities, and projects in the county. Property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of your property and multiplying it by the tax rate.

Due Dates

The 2024 property tax payment deadline is June 28.  Property owners are encouraged to pay their property taxes on or before the last business day of June to avoid late penalties. A penalty of three percent will be applied on the last business day of June, followed by a second penalty of 12% on the last business day of October, for a total of 15% annually on all outstanding balances.

Property Assessment and Tax Notices

Property assessment and tax notices are mailed in May. If you have not received a property assessment and tax notice or have recently purchased property in the County of Grande Prairie you should contact the County's tax office at 780-513-3968 or by email.

Not receiving your Property Assessment and Tax Notice is not an acceptable reason for not paying your taxes.

New Services

Tax Certificate – A binding document that can be purchased to verify total levies and the balance on properties located within the County

My Property Portal – Pay property taxes, view your account and access property assessment and tax documents. Click here for information on setting up your profile and accessing your property tax account. 

New Schedule of Fees, Services and Costs 

Tax Inquiry fees

If you wish to make a tax inquiry with the County, the fees are as follows:

Effective January 1, 2024

Landowner Name and Address (in accordance with FOIP)   $5.00 each
Mortgage Processing Fee  $20.00 each
Reprint Tax Notice Fee  $10.00 each
Refund Cheque Fee $30.00 each
Transfer Fee    $25.00 each


 Payments can be made in person at our administration building or by phone: 780-532-9722.

Tax Certificates

A tax certificate is a certifiable document, that can be purchased to verify the following information:

  • Civic addresses
  • Legal descriptions
  • Current taxes
  • Account balance
  • Total assessment

Before ordering a Tax Certificate:

  1. You must have a User ID and Password set up by the Tax department. To register an account, complete the online form.
  2. This service requires prepayment. Once you have your User ID and Password set up, you can place a balance on your account through the tax certificate portal.  
  3. All payments are non-refundable.

Ready to Order?

Property Tax Certificates are $35. 

Use the Tax Certificate link to purchase a tax certificate.

Paying Your Bills

If you receive services from the County of Grande Prairie and are billed, you can pay your bills using the following options and find information to access your account or set up an online payment account.

Property Tax Payment Methods

Online Banking

You can set up property tax payments through online banking. Use the online banking platform from your financial institution and select the County of Grande Prairie as a Bill Payee. A listing of the County's Bill Payee's names at local banks is below. The account number you reference is the tax Roll Number found on your tax notice. 

Bank NamePayee Name

Credit Union

Grande Prairie, County

Royal Bank

Grande Prairie No. 1 (County)-Tax


County of GP # 1 Property Taxes


Grande Prairie No. 1 (County) Taxes

Scotia Bank

Grande Prairie No 1 (CTY) - Tax


Grande Prairie County Tax


Grande Prairie No. 1   Tax

 For assistance, please contact 780-532-9722 or email us.

Online using your Credit Card

When paying by credit card through My Payments, you'll need your roll number and NEW access code from your property assessment and tax notice.

 In Person

At the County of Grande Prairie Administration building at 10001 84 Ave., Clairmont, AB by debit, cash or cheque (dated on or before the last day of June).

  • Credit card payments are not accepted in person.

At your financial institution with a teller or bank machine

We are extending our regular hours to accept your tax payment in person:

Weekdays from June 17 - 25, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. including the lunch hour.

On June 26, 27 and 28, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m. including the lunch hour.


Mail your cheque to:

County of Grande Prairie
10001 84 Ave.
Clairmont, AB T8X 5B2

Mail should be postmarked on or before the last business day of June

Cheques should be dated on or before the last business day of June

Tax Amounts

The amount you will pay in taxes each year comes from three sources

Mill Rate

The tax rate set by County Council which is used to fund the services and operations that are provided by the County. For instance, road building and repair, maintaining recreation facilities and areas, and providing policing and fire services, just to name a few. The rate is set in the spring of the tax year. View the 2024 Property Tax Bylaw.

School Fees

The school portion of the combined tax rate is set by Alberta Education.

Grande Spirit Foundation

Requisition amounts to the Grande Spirit Foundation are set by the Province of Alberta. 

Assessment and Taxes

Assessment is the process of valuing property for the purpose of fairly and equitably distributing a municipality's total property tax among property owners. It establishes the value of a property in relation to similar properties.

Property taxes are generated when the provincial school and municipal tax rates are multiplied by the assessed value of your property. The municipal tax rate is also known as the municipal tax mill rate.

Combined Assessment and Tax Notice

The Municipal Government Act requires that all property in Alberta be assessed each year to ensure that changes in market value are captured regularly to protect taxpayers from large market-driven assessment changes.

A tax notice will be sent out to the property owner every year with an amount based on your taxable assessment and the applied mill rate set by council. this will include both the County portion and the requisition portion for schools and other purposes.

Assessment Notices

Property Assessment Notices are mailed to County of Grande Prairie No. 1 property owners by the end of May of each year. If you have not received your property notice by mid-June please contact Assessment Services at 780-513-3952.

Tax Penalties

Learn more about the County tax penalty.

Hythe residents can access the bylaw that applies to the hamlet of Hythe for the 2021 tax year.

Please note: Failure to receive your property tax notice is not sufficient reason for late payment