Each year, landowners/renters can register their weed control plans based on crop type

  • Must list all lands under the plan
  • Must list all crops and weed control methods for each, including timing
  • Must register each year

Registration is online, you can print a form or you can call the Agriculture department and we will enter your information for you (780-567-5585)

  • Allows landowners/renters to tailor their weed management plans for their farm.
  • Allows the County to focus on lands that do not have a management plan registered.
  • Weed Inspectors will review the management database and only contact those agricultural producers without a plan.

Why do I have to update my rented lands or weed management plan yearly?

Firstly, the County has no way to track when rented land changes renters. Secondly, as crops grown on a quarter change from year to year, so will the weed management plan, thus the need to register each year.
Will the landowner be contacted when I register my plan?
Yes, the landowner will be notified that their renter has registered a weed management plan with the County. 

What happens if I don't follow my plan?

If there is no reasonable explanation for the plan not being followed (eg: too wet, too dry etc), the Agricultural Fieldman will contact the producer to discuss what is happening. Each case will be reviewed by the Fieldman, and every effort will be made to work with the producer. You can also call the office to register changes if needed. 
Can I register my acreage?
No, this program is only open to agricultural producers.