Seniors over 65 who want to join the program can fill out the online form or contact Public Works at 780-532-7393. Special needs individuals can apply by contacting FCSS at 780-567-5584.

The County provides free snowplowing of private driveways for County residents aged 65 years and older and special needs individuals living in rural areas.  

Driveways are plowed only after all major County roads have been cleared.

  • Driveways will be cleared unless another snowfall event occurs
  • Rural residents must have their own emergency plan and transportation in place if roads become impassable in extreme weather
  • More than 400 ratepayers make use of this program

If you have any questions, please call Public Works at 780-532-7393.

Snow Removal Priorities

Clearing County roadways are the priority for snow removal. Once County roadways are cleared, driveways participating in this program will be cleared if there is no additional snowfall. County equipment does not clear driveways by request.

While every effort is made to clear roads as efficiently as possible, residents should have an emergency plan for extreme weather conditions. This includes access to a capable four-wheel drive vehicle should travel be required for work or medical reasons.

The services will not be provided to hamlets and/or small lot subdivisions (sizes of less than two (2) acres) within the County.

For additional information on the Senior and Special Needs Snow Removal program please see Policy N7- Snowplowing for Seniors or Special Need Individuals.