We provide water and sewer service to the Hamlets of Bezanson, Hythe, La Glace and Teepee Creek, and sewer service in the Hamlet of Valhalla.

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To apply for water and/or sewer services in Bezanson, Hythe, La Glace, Teepee Creek or Valhalla, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the pre-authorized utility payment form
  2. Complete the application form

To disconnect County water and/or sewer services, disconnect form or contact 780-513-3965.

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Fees for water and sewer services

Water and sewer services rates are outlined in the Schedule of Fees bylaw.  Hythe residents will follow Schedule A until changed by County Council.

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Check out some examples of what should never be put down the drain or flushed down the toilet:

Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Dental floss

Disinfecting wipes

Disposable gloves

Feminine products







Wipes of any kind


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Lead in Drinking Water

The County of Grande Prairie is dedicated to providing clean, safe, quality drinking water for its communities and has developed a lead management program so we meet and exceed Health Canada's standards. 

Health Canada published a new lead limit for the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, introducing two fundamental changes from how lead has been managed in drinking water since 1992. Under the guideline, the Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) was lowered from 0.010 mg/L to 0.005 mg/L and testing is now conducted at the customer's tap instead of the distribution system.

The purpose of the Lead Management Program is to educate the public on:

  • mitigating lead exposure
  • protect public health from lead exposure. 

Information for Customers

The County provides safe drinking water by closely monitoring the quality of the water entering the distribution system and provides water that exceeds the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.  

Selected homes and services will be sampled and tested based on their likelihood of having lead service lines.  Please don't be concerned if you are chosen for sampling.  If lead contamination is present, further sampling and testing will take place to confirm the location of lead contamination. This is to confirm if the lead contamination is occurring within the Country’s distribution system or the water service lines into and in the home.

Sources of Lead in drinking water

Drinking water delivered by the County of Grande Prairie is routinely tested to ensure safe drinking water.  The County's drinking water is analyzed before and after it is treated. However, it is possible for lead to get into your drinking water from old service connections and plumbing. With the development of the new lead management program, we will residents help identify the source of any lead contamination and determine the next steps to create a solution. 

Sources of lead can include old solder and brass plumbing fixtures. If you have any known plumbing fixtures in your home which contain lead, it is recommended that they be replaced with lead-free fixtures.

How to check if the homeowner portion of your water service line is lead:

  • Locate the water shut-off valve or water meter in your home. These are usually located in the basement.
  • Check the colour of the pipe that is coming out of the ground and into the meter. If the pipe is:
    • Copper: it is likely copper
    • Bluish green to black: it is likely plastic
    • Dark grey: it is likely lead or galvanized iron
    • Checking the hardness of the pipe can help determine if the pipe is lead. Lead is a very soft metal and scratches easily.  

Although visual observation of the line inside the home can provide valuable information on whether the water service line is lead or not, it is not uncommon for lines to be comprised of mixed materials.

It is the County's responsibility to provide clean and safe drinking water that is to the Canadian Drinking Water Standards. If lead contamination is identified between the point of distribution and the tap in your home, the County will help identify where the source of lead is coming from, whether it be from inside the home, or the water main.

The Homeowner is responsible for any sources of lead contamination within the home or on the homeowners side of the property line.  The County is responsible for any sources of lead contamination in the service line that runs from the distribution plant to the property line. This split ownership is common with most communities in North America.

Health Canada also has information for Canadians about Lead in drinking water.


Aquatera Utilities Inc. provides water and sewer service to Clairmont, and Wembley.  If water and/or sanitary sewer service is required, please visit Aquatera's website or call 780-538-0340.

Aquatera is a regional utility corporation formed by the County of Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, and Town of Sexsmith.  It operates the wastewater treatment system, water distribution, water collection mains and structures, and sanitary sewer services for the City of Grande Prairie, Town of Sexsmith, Town of Wembley, and a portion of the County.