The Alberta Weed Control Act and Regulation is the guiding legislation for weed control in Alberta. Under these regulations, weeds declared as noxious or prohibited noxious must be controlled or eradicated by the land owner. Contact our Weed Inspector if you have any questions or would like further information. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is a weed management plan?

A weed management plan takes an integrated  approach to managing weeds using multiple control methods.

  • Physical control
  • Chemical control
  • Cultural control
  • Biological control

Can a weed inspector enter on my land without permission?

An inspector who is appointed by a local authority or by the Minister can enter land without permission of the landowner. An inspector can enter on any land at a reasonable hour to inspect for violations.

 What is a weed request versus a weed notice?

  • A weed request lets the land owner know, in person, by mail or with a door-hanger that there are noxious and/or prohibited noxious weeds on their property. A weed management plan will be initiated. 
  • A Weed Notice is a legal document issued under the Alberta Weed Control Act. Control or eradication is mandatory within a specified time frame. If the County has to enforce the weed notice, the land owner will be billed.

Can I appeal a Weed Notice?

Yes, a violator has the right to appeal within the time specified in the weed notice or within 10 days, whichever is less.

What is a noxious weed and prohibited noxious weed?

Under the Alberta Weed Control Act specific weeds are regulated as noxious weeds and prohibited noxious. Noxious weeds must be controlled and a prohibited noxious weed must be destroyed.

What is my role as a land owner/occupant?

Your role is protect the productivity of land through prevention and control of weeds. You have the responsibility to:

  • destroy prohibited noxious weeds
  • control noxious weeds
  • comply with notices given

You have the power to:

  • request an inspector produce identification
  • appeal a notice

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