Address Changes

If you have recently changed your address, fill out an Address change form and submit.

Note: changing your address with the County of Grande Prairie does not change your address with Alberta Land Titles.

Land Ownership Name Changes

For changes to names on land titles or property ownership, notify Alberta Land Titles  or call them at 780-427-2742.

Land ownership information is updated on the County tax roll using information provided by Alberta Land Titles.

If you recently transferred or purchased property in the County in the three months prior to May 1, 2022, you may not have received your tax notice due to a delay with Alberta Land Titles processing changes in land title ownership. 

If this applies to you and you did not receive your property tax
notice, immediately contact the County's tax office at 780-513-3968 or by email.

If you have questions or concerns about your change in land title ownership you can contact Alberta Land Titles by phone at 780-427-2742.

Public Tax Roll Information Search

Log in to access public tax roll information using the following information:

  • legal descriptions
  • certificate of title number
  • assessment information
  • councillor division
  • property size
  • land-use zoning

Your Tax Certificates

Search online for tax certificates showing total levies and the current/arrears balance on properties located within the County.

Note: This page is currently not supported by all mobile devices.

  • For an interactive map, view the Public Web Map 
  • Pay by credit card online, or be invoiced through your Accounts Receivable account.
  • To set up a new Accounts Receivable account, please contact Accounts Receivable by email or at 780-532-9722.