Attraction & Retention Project Underway to Help Integrate New Employees into the Region

A workforce development project is underway in the region, which includes the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie, MD of Greenview and area communities, that focuses on enhancing the attraction and retention efforts of local employers. The project aims to help jumpstart the engagement of new employees and their families into the community, supporting an early connection and encouraging them to set down roots and stay.

The Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce is leading the project in collaboration with the City, County, Greenview, and Alberta Jobs, Economy and Northern Development.

Working closely with community organizations, partners will develop a quality of life asset bank – an inventory of community amenities, resources, supports and services across the region – tailored to the priorities of new employees and their families. The asset bank will equip businesses and community with a tool to help facilitate a smooth transition into the region by ensuring individuals have a strong awareness of community assets and ultimately a stronger sense of belonging early on.

Early next year, partners will also launch two surveys. The surveys will draw out deeper insights from the perceptions and experiences of both employers and new employees, narrowing in on the specifics about what is impacting employee decisions about moving to or living in the region. Findings will help focus actions to strengthen and evaluate local attraction and retention efforts.

The project builds on research showing that quality of life factors are playing a large role in influencing people’s decision to work and stay long-term in the region. Employer and employee insights along with information about the region’s quality of life assets will support marketing initiatives aimed at promoting the region as a great place to work and live.

Attraction and retention is an issue that employers in the region, and in communities across Canada, are grappling with. Earlier this year, project partners and Northwestern Polytechnic launched a Regional Workforce Development Strategy that sets out targeted actions to help attract, retain, train and sustain a strong talent pool to meet the long-term workforce needs in the region.

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The Honourable Brian Jean, Alberta Jobs, Economy and Northern Development “Supporting the unique economic development and workforce needs of our province’s various regions, including Alberta’s north, is a top priority for Alberta’s government. We are pleased to support this initiative that will help attract and retain new employers to the Grande Prairie region by providing resources and tools to feel connected and supported in their communities.”

Tertius Genis, Board Chair, Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce

“This collaboration of partners recognizes that community culture plays an increasingly important role in today’s recruitment strategies. Empowering local communities and employers to create a sense of connection for employees outside the workplace is key to ensuring our region has the talent to meet workforce demands.”

Mayor Jackie Clayton, City of Grande Prairie “A strong quality of life is key to attracting and retaining talent, as well as creating a community that residents are proud to call home. The City of Grande Prairie is grateful for the efforts of the partnership, which will help keep people in our beautiful region and drive Alberta’s economy.”

Reeve Bob Marshall, County of Grande Prairie “Our collaborative partnership and targeted actions will help businesses meet the workforce demands we are seeing across our region in all sectors of our economy. By strengthening awareness that our area is among Alberta’s greatest places to live and work, this project will ensure individuals feel a strong sense of belonging in a place they can call home.”

Reeve Tyler Olsen, Municipal District of Greenview

“Quality of life and a sense of community heavily influence people’s decisions when considering a move for employment. Greenview is proud to work with our partners to collaborate on efforts to gain insights into employee decisions about moving to or living in the region. The information gained will allow us to tailor our asset bank of community amenities, resources, supports and services across the region to bolster and enhance the recruitment efforts of our local employers.”



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