County Council accepted recommendations today made by a new committee established to review Council and Board member remuneration and expense reimbursement with its approval of Policy F10.

The Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee examined existing policies and practices along with those of comparator municipalities. Its recommendations take effect on Oct. 25, 2021, the date of the organizational meeting following the municipal election.

Policy F10, Council and Board Member Honoraria and Expense Reimbursement, is a consolidation of several bylaws and policies and has a financial impact of about $21,000. This is due to changing the maximum RRSP contribution to 10 per cent of the full gross pay for all per diems from 10 per cent of 2/3 gross pay for all per diems as a result of the removal of the tax-exempt allowance. Existing policies are rescinded.

The Committee, established in December, was comprised of Deputy Reeve Peter Harris, Councillor Harold Bulford and public members Everett McDonald, Kari Speaker Smith, and Gerald Napier. It met five times throughout 2021.

Areas addressed by the Committee included levels of compensation for the Reeve, Councillors, and Board/Committee members, including base honorarium and per diems, recognition and evaluation of the time commitment for elected officials and public representatives, expense reimbursements, submission and approval of claims processes, and the public reporting process.

“We thank the Committee for its work and introducing public members to the process for the first time adds to the transparency and accountability of the effort to ensure fair compensation,” says CAO Joulia Whittleton. “Regular reviews of these policies ensure they continue to reflect their purpose.”

The policy will be reviewed every four years.

Council and Board Member remuneration and expense reimbursement policies have been established to ensure fair and adequate compensation is in place so quality candidates are attracted to public service, processes are seamless and cost effective, that personal expenses and travel costs are covered and that County practices are consistent with comparable municipalities.


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