For the first time since 2012, the County of Grande Prairie is conducting a municipal census. The 2024 census will begin on April 3 and runs until May 31. 

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be delivered to all County households starting April 3. Residents will need the unique PIN to complete the census either online or in-person with a census worker.  

Completing the census online is a fast and simple process, with only six required questions. Beginning April 3, visit, enter your unique PIN, and then follow the prompts. 

Don’t have access to the online census? Complete it in person with our friendly census workers who will be wearing County identification badges and going door-to-door from April 15 to May 31. 

Why is a census required? 

In 2021, the County took over responsibility of the dissolved Village of Hythe, and as a result, the Government of Alberta requires that the County review its number of councillors and electoral division boundaries before the 2025 municipal election to determine whether growth or decline has created a population imbalance among divisions. The County relies on census data to better understand the community and better serve the population as it changes.  

The census not only provides an accurate count and make-up of County residents; many provincial and federal grants are based on population. The more accurate the count, the more dollars the County is eligible to receive to provide essential services including roads, infrastructure, and social programs.  

The municipal census is also an important factor in attracting new businesses to the County of Grande Prairie. Many businesses, restaurants, and investors use census data to determine if an area is suitable for new or expanded business ventures. 

Through the 2024 census, the County also hopes to gain a better understanding of physician access within the Grande Prairie region. Lack of consistent and accessible medical care has large impacts on the quality of life of County residents. 

All personal information collected during the census is confidential and secure. The County will never identify individuals or households and will only report data which is based on neighbourhoods or regions.  

Online or in-person, be sure to count yourself in! For more information, visit 

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Media Contact:  

Carol Gabriel 
General Manager, Corporate Services and Strategy  
County of Grande Prairie