The City of Grande Prairie and County of Grande Prairie have approved a joint purchase of a building owned by the Edmonton Humane Society that houses the Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association.

The purchase of the 9,184 square foot industrial building located at 12220 104th Avenue ensures continuity of the rehoming and adoption services provided by Bandaged Paws, the existing tenant, to the adjoining Grande Prairie Regional Animal Care Facility which is jointly owned and operated by the City of Grande Prairie and the County of Grande Prairie.

City and County administrations entered into an Offer to Purchase agreement in the amount of $750,000, with 60 per cent of funding covered by the City and the remaining 40 per cent by the County.

This follows a recent $300,000 investment in renovations to the Regional Animal Care Facility completed at the end of 2022.

Conditions of the purchase agreement include that the City and County administrations will negotiate the terms of a new lease with Bandaged Paws and renew the terms of the service agreement. 

“The City of Grande Prairie is proud to continue to collaborate with the County on supporting regional animal rehoming and adoption services. This purchase is an investment in our dedicated community organizations providing vital services, and in our furry community members who become family. We look forward to continued success on this intermunicipal partnership,” says Mayor Jackie Clayton.

"The County of Grande Prairie is pleased to partner with the City on the joint property purchase to ensure continued provision of an important animal care service for our region,” says Reeve Bob Marshall. “We encourage our residents to consider animal adoption as a first choice for welcoming a friendly pet into their homes. The purchase of this shared facility is another example of the ongoing efforts between our two municipalities to ensure services are provided in the most efficient and cost-effective manner."

In 2021 the Edmonton Humane Society (the 'Society') approached the City of Grande Prairie with a potential sale of their property.

In December 2022, the City of Grande Prairie contracted the services of a third party independent appraiser to determine the property's current market value. Value was determined at $920,000, and indications of deferred maintenance were outlined at this time. Two independent engineering companies inspected the building on behalf of the City of Grande Prairie to determine the condition of the property and the existing mechanical system.

The purchase agreement is subject to conditions of City and County Council approvals, lease renewal with the current tenant and the negotiation of a service agreement between the City, County and the tenant. 

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