At today’s Council meeting, the County of Grande Prairie Council approved an Intermunicipal Relationships and Regionalization Policy. The policy formalizes the County’s position on the value of collaboration with other municipalities while respecting one another’s autonomy. It also details the principles on how the County will engage in those relationships to help create stronger municipalities and a stronger region.

County Reeve Leanne Beaupre said the policy forms the basis for building on its working relationships and joint initiatives with other municipalities, in particular, those neighbours in northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. 

“It’s increasingly important for municipalities to look for new ways to serve citizens through intermunicipal cooperation,” said Reeve Beaupre. “Our goal is to ensure Council and staff are looking at every opportunity to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships in ways that are fair, respectful and transparent, without compromising each other’s autonomy.”

Beaupre said collaboration is the preferred working model of the County. The policy addresses one-to-one collaboration or collaboration involving multiple municipalities.

“There are many ways we can share resources and services and work together,” said Beaupre. “Our intent is not only to work with our neighbours to explore what is possible, but to strike a balance and continue to tailor those partnerships to support the interests and unique needs of each community.”


Media Contact:
Leanne Beaupre, Reeve