The County of Grande Prairie approved its new 2020-2021 Government Advocacy Plan, which will guide all advocacy activity by the County over the next year. The Plan will direct the work in priority areas such as economic development, increased support for critical infrastructure, and extra recognition from other levels of Government.

Six priorities were identified by the County that represent the interests of the community. Each priority is supported by focused objectives to achieve these priorities in the coming year.

“Each priority carefully considers the urgent needs of our community while maximizing the opportunities available to us,” said County Reeve Leanne Beaupre. “This advocacy plan is focused on the concerns of the County and details ways to collaborate with our regional partners to create a more livable community.”

The six priorities that will direct the County’s advocacy work over the next year include: Increased Economic Development; Critical Transportation; A New Health Facility in Beaverlodge; Provincial Support for the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum; Combating Rural Crime; and Increasing the Profile of the County of Grande Prairie within the Government of Alberta.

County Council identified economic development as their top priority in the plan, aligning closely with the Provincial Government’s focus on creating jobs and increasing employment, building infrastructure, and diversifying the economy.

Beaupre explains, “economic development will support our already strong industries in the immediate future, while setting up County and our region for long-term, sustainable success.”

Council’s previous plan created successful outcomes for the County and is increasing their profile, evidenced by Provincial support for Twinning of Highway 40.

With the plan now approved, Council and administration will regularly monitor the plan, track progress, and report to the public annually. This process will ensure the County can adjust to accommodate changes, challenges and new opportunities that arise.

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