Media Release: Update #9 May 12, 2024, 9:00 pm 

Teepee Creek Fire 
Be aware, Alberta Wildfire will be flying a night vision helicopter working throughout the night until the night from approximately 9:00p.m. to 3:00a.m.on the Teepee Creek wildfire, along with wildfire crewmunicipal fire fighters and heavy equipment to secure the perimeter on priority hotspots. reminder that flying drones near wildfires endangers firefighters and may cause firefighting operations to stop. Please respect the law and give crews the space to work safely.  

Crews continue working and have made good progress, completing 90per cent of the fire guard around the perimeter. 

Additional crews and equipment continue to support wildfire operations from Municipal District of Greenview, City of Grande Prairie, Municipal District of Smoky River, Big Lakes County, Town of Slave Lake, Alberta Wildfire crews and aircraft. 

Twenty pieces of heavy equipment, four helicopters and approximately 80 fire fighters are working on the fire near Teepee Creek. 

In addition, eight fire engines, three fire tenders, seven commercial water trucks, two structural protection units and two command vehicles from municipal and mutual aid resources are working on the fire. 

There was limited fire growth today to the north and west of the fire. Weather has been cooperative today and fire behaviour has been favourableAir tankers and helicopters were mobilized this morning and throughout the day to support firefighting efforts. No structures have been lost. Fire suppression is being provided to homes near the fire. 

The evacuation order remains in effect and is being actively enforced. RCMP are monitoring access to the evacuation zone and additional officers are on site today. In addition to RCMP and Regional Enforcement, Technical Search and Rescue are assisting with access control. 

No access is allowed to the evacuation zone without a permit. The evacuation zone remains the same as communicated in previous updates. Individuals who require access to the evacuation zone must contact the call centre at 1-825-606-5166 to obtain a permit or register as evacuees between the hours of 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. 

The following area remains under an evacuation order: 

  • Kleskun Creek North to Township Road 742. Evacuation order is also in effect for the Riverstone Golf Course. 

  • The following areas remain on alert for possible evacuation: 

  • Township Road 744 to 750 and Range Road 32 

  • Township Road 744 to 730 and Range Road 32 

We appreciate offers of help and assistance. The fire response is well resourced and have adequate support at this time. 

For information regarding the response on the east side of the Big Smoky, please follow the Municipal District of Greenview at 

Valhalla Wildfire 

GWF029wildfire started 13 km northwest of the town of Valhalla. The wildfire is now listed as being held at 100 hectares. Today was a good firefighting day for Alberta Wildfire and their crews were able to completely secure the perimeter and are now working to extinguish the fire. There are 26 firefighters working with pump and hose, hand tools and a helicopter bucketing hotspots within the perimeter boundaries. 

Alberta Wildfire is the lead authority on the wildfire, and they will provide updates as the situation changes. 

Stay tuned to County of Grande Prairie No. 1 and for ongoing situation updates. 

Residents are encouraged to download and sign up for Voyent Alert! Notifications mass Notification Service - Keep People Safe & Informed - Voyent Alert! ( 

The next update will be provided at 9am on Monday, May 13, unless an emergency update is required.