December 18, 2023 Council Highlights

Crime Prevention Committee Annual Work Plan Council approved a Crime Prevention Committee Work Plan to provide strategic recommendations focused on fostering safer environments through collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and targeted interventions aimed at reducing crime and ensuring the well-being of residents. Read the full media release on our website, The County of Grande Prairie prioritizes crime prevention.

Renewal of the Enforcement Services Agreement between the County of Grande Prairie and the Town of Wembley – Council directed administration to enter into a three-year Enforcement Services Agreement with the Town of Wembley for the period of January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026.   

2024-2027 Agricultural Service Board Draft Strategic Plan – Council approved the 2024-2027 Agricultural Service Board Strategic Plan as presented that focuses on Policy, Advocacy, Legislated Programs, Rural Extensions, Safety, and County Strategies: Inter-Departmental Cooperation.  

2023 Application for the Provincial Education Requisition Credit (PERC) and Designated Industrial Requisition Credit (DIRC) Programs – Council directed Administration to apply for the Provincial Education Requisition Credit (PERC) and Designated Industrial Requisition Credit (DIRC) Programs to relieve over $48,000 of unpaid 2023 municipal taxes from 2023.

Crosslink County Sportsplex – Council approved a $36,000 emergency replacement purchase and installation of four larger heating units for the Crosslink Sportsplex Fieldhouse.

Development Permit Request – Council approved the development permits, subject to conditions:

  • For scheduled auto racing events from 2024-2028 located approximately two kilometres south of the Town of Beaverlodge, on the west side of Highway 722.
  • A Salvage Yard and Storage, outdoor to accommodate the existing development on site, located approximately four kilometres south of the town of Sexsmith, in the Hamlet of Clairmont, adjacent to Highway 2 and Township Road 730.

Public Hearings – Council held the following public hearings:

  • Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 2680-23-039 to redesignate 0.64 acres of land located approximately 0.5 kilometres west of Range Road 62, north of Highway 672 Red Trail Industrial Park, from the Agricultural (AG) District to the Rural Medium (RM-2) District to accommodate a boundary adjustment.
  • Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 2680-23-040 to redesignate 900 square metres of land located south of Highway 43, adjacent to Range Road 53, within the Crossroads 53 South Industrial Park, from the Rural Medium Industrial (RM-2) District to the Rural Industrial – Direct Control (RM-DC) District to accommodate the development of a temporary work camp. 

Sponsorship Requests – Council approved a funding request in the amount of $750 for a gold sponsorship of the Sexsmith Curling club for the 2024 Farmers Bonspiel.

New Staff Introductions – Council welcomed the following:

  • Emma Mason as a Fire Administrative Assistant with Regional Fire Service.   
  • Chad Cormack as a Deputy Chief of Training with Regional Fire Service.

The next Regular Council Meeting will take place on January 15, 2024. The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will take place on January 19, 2024.

Council and Committee meetings are available to the public via live stream. Find connection instructions and meeting agendas through the events calendar on the County website.