Dunes West Wildfire Update #13 | 10:00 a.m. | Evacuation Orders Remain, Support Resources Available and Damage Assessment Plan Underway 

Dunes West Wildfire Status  

The wildfire continues to burn out of control and is estimated to be 1,700 hectares, and the cause is currently unknown. Firefighting efforts are focused on preventing the fire from spreading, and firefighters are working to identify and control hotspots along the perimeter. A crew accessed the riverbank via the river to extinguish areas to prevent the fire spreading. 

There evacuation orders and alertsremain unchanged. Residents are reminded to stay tuned to Alberta Emergency Alerts, as the situation continues to evolve. Residents can view the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard at https://www.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/8d86d267dcf44ad085a11939186f3d3a. 

Support and Relief Resources 

On behalf of the firefighters and the community, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to A&W, Browns Social House, Domino's Pizza, Costco, Resource Supply, UFA, Mucho Burrito, and all the other local businesses who generously provided food and supplies to support the efforts to contain the Dunes West Wildfire.  

Your kindness and support were instrumental in keeping the fire fighters well-fed and equipped for the challenging work they faced. Your contributions made a difference, and we are grateful for your generosity and community spirit. 

Donation and Volunteer Sign Up  

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (GPREP) and our efforts to provide assistance to those affected by emergencies and disasters in our region.  

If you would like to offer resources such as equipment, supplies or volunteer services, please fill out the web form here https://www.gprep.ca/2023-wildfire-donation-offer-form/  

When you submit your donation offer, an automatic reply will be sent to confirm receipt of your message. 

Update on Damage Assessment Plan 

Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership is working with external stakeholders to establish a plan for damage assessments, which inform re-entry plans. The external stakeholders include ATCO Electric, ATCO Gas, Aquatera, and Alberta Health Services to assess critical infrastructure and individual properties. 

The firefight remains the priority and the evacuation area is not ready for damage assessments to begin. 

The damage assessment plan will only be activated when fire crews deem the evacuation area safe for assessments to occur. General re-entry to impacted areas will only be considered after damage assessments are complete. 

The GPREP Incident Command Post is evaluating daily to identify if fire conditions allow damage assessments to be conducted safely. 

Financial Assistance 

There are now over 934 evacuees registered at the Bonnetts Energy Centre. 

The Government of Alberta has announced emergency funding support for the any Albertan who has been evacuated under mandatory order for seven consecutive days or more. 

Eligible evacuees will receive $1,250 per adult and an additional $500 per dependent child under 18 years. Evacuees can apply for the payment at alberta.ca/emergency using an Alberta.ca Account. 

Funds can take up to 24 hours to flow into accounts and will be disbursed via e-transfer. Evacuees who are unable to receive an e-transfer or who cannot apply online can contact 310-4455 for assistance and to make alternate payment arrangements. 

Area Residents Reminded to Be Prepared 

The most effective way for residents and businesses outside of the evacuation area is to FireSmart your property. 

Officials are requesting that homeowners, businesses, and industry review their properties and take some proactive steps to protect it in the event of a wildfire. Simple steps like yard maintenance can make a huge difference. Read more at FireSmart | Alberta.ca.  

Learn more about wildfire preparedness at: alberta.ca/wildfire-preparedness.aspx. 

Call Centre and Reception Centre Hours 

The Call Centre and Reception Centre are both operating 24 hours daily. 

Any evacuees requiring support may attend the Bonnetts Energy Centre located at 10017 99 Avenue in Grande Prairie.  

The Dunes West Wildfire Information Line is available at 1-825-606-5092. 

Next Update 

The next update will be available by 3p.m. Tuesday, May 9, 2023. 


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