Dunes West Wildfire Update #17 | 10:30 p.m. | Residents in Select Areas Able to Return Home Under Evacuation ALERT, Fire Crews Protect More Structures, 207 Homes Receive Damage Assessments 

Today, the evacuation order for properties between Township Road 712 and Township Road 710 and between Range Road 65 and Range Road 74 was adjusted to an evacuation alert. 

Residents in this area can now return to their homes within the identified area. Information on how to return home safely is available on Returning to Your Home — GPREP - Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership 

While this is great news, the area remains under evacuation alert and residents need to be prepared to leave their home in 30 minutes if fire conditions change. 

Dunes West Wildfire Status 

The wildfire continues to burn out-of-control and the estimated size has been updated to 1,581 hectares. 

Crews continue to respond to hot spots. Many residents were curious about why hotspots are dangerous. The attached photos demonstrate how large and active hotspots may be. It is essential crews extinguish hotspots to prevent further spread of the fire. 

Structure protection to homes and other buildings has been a priority to prevent further losses. GPREP is pleased to report that 74 homes have received structure protection, including the laying and activating of a sprinkler system. 

Residents are urged to be prepared for the situation in case the fire escalates and to stay tuned to Alberta Emergency Alerts. 

Tonight’s weather forecast shows expected thunderstorm activity, which will be closely monitored by the GPREP Incident Command Centre as thunderstorms, combined with dry conditions from high temperatures, may cause aggressive fire behaviour and a challenging firefighting situation. 

Residents can view the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard at https://www.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/8d86d267dcf44ad085a11939186f3d3a 

Military Personnel 

As a result of the assessment yesterday from the Canadian Military, 80 wildland firefighting trained soldiers arrived in Grande Prairie today to support firefighting efforts onthe Dunes West Wildfire.  

207 Homes Have Received Damage Assessments 

The Grande Prairie Regional Partnership (GPREP) Damage Assessment Team assessed 207 homes today as part of the damage assessment plan.  

ATCO Gas and Electric and Aquaterawere also brought into the impacted area to beginthe required repairs to the grid system.A total of 200 homes have been re-energized. 

GPREP would like to recognize the immense work by all utility providers who carried out this work quickly within areas it was safe to work. 

It will take time to complete the formal assessments and residents are thanked for their patience and understanding while crews work to assess the area. 

Anticipated 2,500 Acres of Land to be Disced or Seed Land 

Our deepest gratitude goes out to all the local farmers and landowners who have answered the call to disc or seed their land. 

This action helps immensely with the fire response by creating a fireguard that slows the spread of wildfire. 

Local farmers in the area can call the County of Grande Prairie’s Agricultural Fieldman, Sonja Raven, at 780-876-6936. 

Temporary Access Permits 

To date, 337 temporary access permits have been approved. 

Evacuees who had a Temporary Access Permit denied can reapply. The denial would have been based on the current condition at the time of the application. 

Approved permits are for one temporary access. Evacuees will need to reapply to have temporary access again.There is currently a backlog of permit applications that are being processed as quickly as possible. 
For Agricultural producers needing access to be able to farm, please contact the County of Grande Prairie’s Agricultural Fieldman, Sonja Raven, at 780-876-6936 for a contractor permit. 

Monetary Donations 

Financial donations can be made to the Northwestern Alberta Emergency Response Fund through the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta. 

Donations can be made online or in person by cash or cheque from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday or mailed to Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta at Centre 2000 (#200, 11330 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7X9). 

Financial Assistance 

There are now over 1059 evacuees registered at the Bonnetts Energy Centre. 

The Government of Alberta has announced emergency funding support for any Albertan who has been evacuated under mandatory order for seven consecutive days or more. 

Eligible evacuees will receive $1,250 per adult and an additional $500 per dependent child under 18 years. Evacuees can apply for the payment at alberta.ca/emergency using an Alberta.ca Account. 

Funds can take up to 24 hours to flow into accounts and will be disbursed via e-transfer. 

Evacuees who are unable to receive an e-transfer or who cannot apply online can contact 310-4455 for assistance and to make alternate payment arrangements. 

Area Residents Reminded to Be Prepared 

The most effective way for residents and businesses outside of the evacuation area is to FireSmart your property. 

Officials are requesting that homeowners, businesses, and industry review their properties and take some proactive steps to protect them in the event of a wildfire. Simple steps like yard maintenance can make a huge difference. Read more at FireSmart | Alberta.ca. 

Learn more about wildfire preparedness at: alberta.ca/wildfire-preparedness.aspx. 

Call Centre and Reception Centre Updated Hours 

The Call Centre is operating from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Reception Centre is operating 24/7.  

Any evacuees requiring support may attend the Bonnetts Energy Centre located at 10017 99 Avenue in Grande Prairie.  

The Dunes West Wildfire Information Line is available at 1-825-606-5092. 

Next Update 

The next update will be available by 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 11, 2023. 


Media Contact: 
GPREP Information Officer 

Do you have questions about the wildfire as a resident? Please call the Dunes West Wildfire Information Line at 1-825-606-5092. 


 Firefighters putting out hotspots


Firefighters putting out hotspots


Firefighters putting out hotspots

Firefighters putting out hotspots

Firefighters putting out hotspots