The Evacuation Order for some residents in the identified area has been changed to an ALERT.  

Some residents south of Township Road 710 from just west of Range Road 71 to east of Range Road 63 are now under an evacuation ALERT and can now return home. Residents in these areas must remain prepared for evacuation on a 30-minute notice. Have important documents, medications, food, water and important supplies to be away from your home for 3 days prepared. Prepare pets and livestock. 

This includes the subdivisions of Park Meadows and Deer Run Estates, residents addressed from Township 710 between Spring Creek and Range Road 65, residents addressed from Township Road 710 along Range Road 65 south to Park Meadows, and residents within the Townships of 32-70-6W6M and 33-70-6W6M.  

To call to confirm if your address is included in the new evacuation ALERT area, contact the Dunes West Wildfire Call Centre at 1-825-606-5092.  

The remaining residents from Township Road 710 south to the Wapiti River between Range Road 63 and Range Road 75 remain on an Evacuation Order and cannot return to their homes until conditions improve and the order is lifted. 

For the latest status update on the Dunes West Wildfire Update, visit here.  


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