Current weather forecasts indicate strong winds for tonight. These conditions may exacerbate the wildfire situation and could potentially influence the fire's direction and speed.

Tonight's high winds will also serve as a critical evaluation of the fire protection systems we have implemented to protect our community and infrastructure.

Crews are closely monitoring the situation using low-level thermal imaging overnight and we’ll have all necessary resources on standby, ready to respond as needed to ensure the safety of our community.

Current Status of the Dunes West Wildfire

We remain in a period of heightened wildfire risk, and despite the tireless efforts of our local firefighting units and wildfire specialists, the wildfire continues to burn out of control at an estimated 1,581 hectares. Although the Dunes West Wildfire is still classified as out of control, a fire guard is in place around the entire fire perimeter.

Fire Operations focused on the Spring Creek area today, as well as hot spots throughout the evacuation area.  Thermal imaging will be used this evening to continue to identify hot spots, which are used to inform crews on which areas to focus efforts.

Sprinkler protection lines remain in place on structures east of the fire.

Smoke Conditions

The smoke that the Grande Prairie region continues to experience is not from the Dunes West fire; it’s the result of an inversion, funneling smoke from wildfires throughout the province and British Columbia.  Environment Canada has issued a special air quality statement and is advising the following precautions:

  • Close doors and windows to keep smoke out.
  • Close fresh air intakes from furnace, fireplaces, or stoves.
  • Turn on your air conditioning if you have it and set it to recirculate.
  • Use humidifiers.

More resources are available at Wildfire Smoke and Your Health ( 

Evacuation Status

The evacuation status is unchanged from May 14. The following areas remain under evacuation alert:

  • TWP 710, East of Spring Creek to RR 65.  
  • RR 65 South of TWP 710 to Park Meadows, Park Meadows and Deer Run Estates, and within Townships 32 70 6W6 and 33 70 6W6
  • Township Road 710 South to the Wapiti River between Highway 40 and Range Road 63.  

Most residents from Township Road 710 south to the Wapiti River between Range Road 63 and Range Road 75 remain on an Evacuation Order and cannot return to their homes until conditions improve and the order is lifted. 

If residents have any questions about returning home, please call: 1-825-606-5092.

A Temporary Access Permit is only required from GPREP if you wish to access a home within an Evacuation ORDER area. We would like to thank the RCMP for their assistance in helping over 800 people access their homes. This wouldn’t be possible without them.

Areas on the Perimeter of Restricted Access Areas

As reported this morning, the Wapiti Nordic Trails are outside of the evacuation ORDER, residents on the west side of the trails remain under the evacuation ORDER.

This is due to the structural protection units on properties, it is unsafe for residents to access their homes until these units are removed. The next 24 hours will be critical and will determine the timeline for when residents MAY be able to return home. Life safety remains our priority.

Increased security patrols are being conducted within all areas.

Mutual Aid Agreement

GPREP has officially entered into a Mutual Aid Agreement with the MD of Greenview. This is a formal written agreement among emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries in the form of response resources and personnel.

Currently, the MD of Greenview is accessing GPREP’s Emergency Social Services to support evacuees.

Progress on Utility Repairs

ATCO Gas and Electric have confirmed that electricity and natural gas have been restored to the property line for all homes and businesses in the affected area. See more information about utilities in the Welcome Home Guide.

Please note, homes that reside in the evacuation order area will not have their gas turned on until the evacuation order is downgraded to an alert. Once you are permitted to re-enter following the downgrade, please contact ATCO to unlock the gas connection to your home.

Wildfire Preparation

All residents are urged to be prepared in the event of an evacuation. Steps you can take are:

  • Consider maintaining an emergency kit stocked with supplies such as water, food, battery-powered or crank radio, and a flashlight.
  • If you have a vehicle, keep the tank full in case fuel stations lose power or close down.
  • Remove items that can burn within 1.5 metres (5 feet) of your home, such as dried branches, leaves, lawn furniture, firewood, and/or debris.
  • Keep a sprinkler in an easy-to-access location.
  • Be careful when smoking outside, extinguish fire pits and burn barrels, and obey local fire bans.

More wildfire preparation tips and resources can be found on the Wildfire preparedness |

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