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Dunes West Wildfire Update #30 | 2:30 p.m. | Residents in Select Areas Able to Return Home Under Evacuation Alert, Residents in Select Areas Removed from Evacuation Alert

The Evacuation Order for some County of Grande Prairie residents has been changed to an evacuation ALERT. The evacuation ALERT for some residents has been removed. Select areas remain on an evacuation ORDER, due to wildfire activity and crews working in the area.

Residents located between Township Road 710 south to the Wapiti River between Range Road 65 and Range Road 63 as well as residents from Township Road 710 south to the Wapiti River between Range Road 75 and Range Road 73 are now under an evacuation ALERT and can return home. This includes the subdivisions of Mystic Ridge, Deer Ridge Estates, The Ranch, and Dunes West. Residents can access properties west of Range Road 73 from Range Road 75, as checkpoints around the evacuation ORDER area are maintained.

The subdivisions of Park Meadows, Deer Run Estates, and surrounding properties which were downgraded to an evacuation ALERT on May 14 remain under an evacuation ALERT. Residents located in the Evacuation ALERT areas must remain prepared for evacuation on 30-minute notice. Have important documents, medications, food, water and important supplies to be away from your home for 3 days prepared. Prepare pets and livestock.

Residents in the area north of Township Road 712, west of Range Road 73, and east of Range Road 63 are no longer under evacuation alert. 

Reminders for Residents as they Re-Enter:

  • Drones will continue to do low flyovers in the area of the fire to identify hot spots
  • Watch for and stay clear of firefighters continuing to work in the area. Mystic Ridge residents in particular will see crews removing structural protection sprinklers
  • Watch for trees that have been burnt or partially burnt, as they can be unstable
  • Watch for ash pits which are commonly found at the base of trees and in areas with deep organic soil. If you find an ash pit, do not step in or around it. If you're concerned about its location or giving off a lot of heat, please contact the Dunes West Wildfire Call Centre at 1-825-606-5092
  • Residents may notice changes to the landscape in the affected areas. Fire crews and utility operators worked to reduce hazards around structures and infrastructure. This was required for public safety, especially considering the risk of falling trees that have been damaged by fire

Most residents from Township Road 710 south to the Wapiti River between Range Road 73 and Range Road 65 remain on an Evacuation ORDER and cannot return to their homes until the order is lifted. This includes the subdivisions of The Banks at Spring Creek, Riverview Pines Estates, Spring Creek Estates, and Wapiti Heights Estates. The fire is still active along Spring Creek, making The Banks at Spring Creek an active fire zone. Firefighters are completing hazardous tree removal and actioning hot spots in the other subdivisions, making the areas currently unsafe for re-entry. These areas will continue to be evaluated.

2023-05-16 Evacuation Area Map

To call to confirm if your address remains in the evacuation ORDER area, contact the Dunes West Wildfire Call Centre at 1-825-606-5092.

For the latest status update on the Dunes West Wildfire Update, visit here.

Re-entry information packages are available for evacuees. These packages have helpful tips on how to re-connect your utilities, how to dispose of spoiled food, how to ensure your household water and drinking water is safe to use, and many more helpful tips.

 You can find the re-entry information packages here:

  • On the GPREP website at 
  • In print at the Reception Centre located at the Bonnetts Energy Centre (10017 99 Avenue, Grande Prairie)
  • At the front desk of your hotel if you are an evacuee

If residents have any questions about returning home, please call: 1-825-606-5092.

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