With a snowfall warning in effect and 10-20 cm expected across the County, crews are gearing up to begin the snow removal season.  

“Our snow removal crews clear and maintain over 3,600 kilometres of paved and gravel roads during the winter season,” says Ryan Konowalyk, Director of Public Works. Crews dedicated to residential and rural snow removal allows us to work more quickly and efficiently once enough snow has fallen.”  

Crews aim to clear all rural roads within five days of a significant snowfall, and hamlets and residential subdivisions within 12 days. Frigid temperatures or multiple snowfalls in a short period of time may affect this cycle.  

Some hamlets and residential neighbourhoods are part of the County’s residential snow removal process. Areas include:  

  • The Hamlet of Clairmont, from 100 Avenue to 116 Avenue  

  • Subdivisions of Whispering Ridge & Westlake Village in the Hamlet of Clairmont  

  • Subdivision of Wedgewood 

  • Subdivisions of Maple Ridge & Taylor Estates 

  • The Hamlet of Hythe  

Temporary parking restrictions are used in these areas so dedicated crews can clear snow safely and efficiently, without risking damage to parked vehicles and slowing down the clearing cycle. When digital “No Parking” signs at the entrances to these areas are visible, temporary parking restrictions are in place and street parking is not permitted between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.   

“The best way for residential areasto stay up to date is to watch the digital signs and subscribe to our Residential Snow Removal news,” said Konowalyk. “Emails on upcoming parking restrictions to allow for clearing, and progress updates from crews will land directly in their inbox.”  

Subscribe to receive Residential Snow Removal news from the County at www.countygp.ab.ca/subscribe. Learn more about snow removal in the County and view the interactive residential snow removal status web map.  

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Media Contact:  
Ryan Konowalyk 
Director of Public Works