Fire Service Agreement Extension – Council approved extending the Fire Service Agreement with the Town of Wembley, until December 31, 2021. Extending the agreement allows the Town of Wembley to continue providing fire services to the County of Grande Prairie.

Smart Locker Project – Council approved carrying over $5,000 of the County Library Board 2020 surplus to 2021 to cover start-up costs for Smart Lockers to be installed at the Wellington Resource Centre in Clairmont. The County Library Board has partnered with the Grande Prairie Public Library and the Peace Library System to install the Smart Lockers at the Centre to provide Clairmont and area residents with the opportunity to have library materials delivered to a centralized location in their community for free.

Contributions – Council approved a $5,000 contribution to the 3D Children’s Society for fundraising efforts. The Society’s mission is to lighten the burden by covering transportation, food, accommodations and other related expenses for local students and their families who need medical treatment.

Public Hearings – Council recessed the public hearing for Bylaw 2680-21-001 for the application to redesignate 96 acres within Pt. SW-10-75-6-W6 and parts of 3-75-6-W6 located north of Township Road 750 at Range Road 63 from an Agricultural (AG) District to an Intensive Recreation (IR) District to create an outdoor target shooting facility. The public hearing will be re-scheduled and re-advertised under the Municipal Government Act after the Province makes a decision regarding the application.

Policies – Council approved the Recreation Advisory Boards (K17) Policy, which defines the composition and responsibilities of the Recreation Advisory Boards, initially included in the Operating Assistance Policy (K4). Boundaries for the County - Grande Prairie Area Recreation Board and the County - Clairmont - Bezanson Area Recreation Board will change, taking effect when board and committee appointments are made at the Organizational Meeting in October 2021.

Council approved separating Policy K4 into two policies, incorporating the following amendments:

  • Operating Assistance Facilities (K14): additional reporting requirements, including copies of valid and adequate insurance certificate and assessed value of building, date of last known building appraisal, insurance inspections and building maintenance best practice expectations, and updated compliance report.
  • Operating Assistance Recreation Advisory Boards (K15): Added Policy K17 into the cross-reference section.

Policies are available to view at

Board & Committee Appointments – Council appointed the following individuals to serve on County Recreation Boards:

  • County – Clairmont – Bezanson Area: Leanne Beaupre, Daryl Beeston, Donna McNally, Jim Robertson, Merissa Halls, Cindy Trudel, Leanne Germann, Todd Ibey
  • County – Grande Prairie Area: Leanne Beaupre, Ross Sutherland, Daryl Beeston, Kevin O’Toole, Sarah Erb (appointed in 2020), Kristen Yaceyko, Cameron Donald
  • County – Beaverlodge – Elmworth – Huallen Area: Peter Harris, Bob Marshall, Rae-Lynn Cook, Svea Isherwood, Monica Paslawski
  • County – Hythe – Demmitt – Valhalla Area: Linda Waddy, Karen Rosvold, Bill Guise, Arthur Thiessen, Sandra Baker
  • County – Sexsmith – La Glace – Teepee Creek Area: Corey Beck, Karen Rosvold, Clint Froehlick, Ashley Sales (appointed in 2020), Josiah Gill, Danielle Hessler, Johanna Uhl
  • County – Wembley – Dimsdale – Saskatoon Lake Area: Leanne Beaupre, Bob Marshall, Ross Sutherland, Anna Underwood, Dave Hegland, Glory Przekop, Christine Ketchum

All Recreation Board member appointments are four-year terms, except the County - Grande Prairie Area Recreation Board and the County - Clairmont - Bezanson Area Recreation Board, where member appointments remain in effect until the Organizational Meeting in October 2021. Recruitment will take place to reapply for these two boards before the Organizational Meeting.

Recreation Boards review grant applications and provide Council with recommendations on the organizations who should receive Operating Assistance Grants in their respective areas. In 2020, the County contributed $187,470 in Operating Assistance Grants to several community groups.

Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee – Council appointed Everett McDonald, Kari Speaker Smith and Gerald Napier to serve on the Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee. The Committee will review existing Council and Board/Committee remuneration and expense reimbursement policies and make recommendations to Council before the next municipal election in October 2021.

Awarded Tenders – Council awarded the Request for Tender for road pavement marking supply and line painting and crack-sealing application over 2021 to AAA Striping and Seal Coating Service for $597,917.

Council awarded the tender for crushing, stockpiling and other work over 2021 to D. Ray Construction Ltd. for $970,390.

Letter to NAV Canada – Council will send a letter to NAV Canada and include the Mackenzie Member of Parliament (MP) and Northern Alberta Elected Leaders, expressing concerns regarding the recent Air Traffic Services review completed. NAV Canada, the agency that oversees Canada’s air traffic, has launched reviews and aeronautical studies at airports across Canada as part of its plan to streamline its operations. The review and study findings could result in lower levels of service and tower closures.

Presentations – Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection provided Council with an update on their organization, including:

  • Impacts of COVID-19 on sports and recreation in the region, their programs, services and advocacy efforts,
  • What sport and recreation may look like post-COVID-19,
  • The virtual Sports Excellence Awards scheduled for March 12, and,
  • Opportunities for sport and recreation.

The County provides annual grant funding to the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection.

Landowner Requests – A landowner made a presentation to Council regarding erosion issues on Range Road 71 from Township Road 710 to Township Road 711 that is affecting their property. Council directed Administration to work with the landowner to identify solutions on how to mitigate the erosion issues.

Council approved a landowner’s request to lower the County ditch along the west side of Range Road 41 south to Highway 674 at a cost up to $5,562. This is one priority Council and Administration are working on to prevent overland flooding. To date, the County has invested $1.020 million to address several priority surface water management issues.

Employee Introductions – Council welcomed Carey Moulun, Sarah Mulvany, Dean Cooper and Quincy Lund to the County. Carey will be working for the Family and Community Support Services department as the Community Program Assistant at the Wellington Resource Centre; Sarah for the Parks and Recreation department as the Kleskun Hill Campground Host; Dean as the Pipestone Creek Campground Host; and Quincy Lund for the Public Works department as the Area 2 Sub Foreman.

The next Regular Council Meeting will take place on February 8, 2021. A Committee of the Whole Meeting will take place on January 28, 2021.

Council and Committee meetings can be accessed electronically through the County website at