Operating Assistance Grants – Council awarded $202,695 in operating assistance grants to 54 local organizations and groups. The grant program provides funding to community-based volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools and sports clubs that provide recreational or cultural services to County residents. Operating assistance grant monies were allocated to groups through the following area recreation boards:  

  • Beaverlodge–Elmworth-Huallen Recreation Board - $30,940  

  • Clairmont-Bezanson Recreation Board - $36,245 

  • Grande Prairie & Area Recreation Board - $43,360   

  • Hythe-Demmitt-Valhalla Recreation Board - $27,680 

  • Sexsmith-La Glace-Teepee Creek Recreation Board - $35,470 

  • Wembley-Dimsdale-Saskatoon Lake Recreation Board - $29,000   

Cemetery Improvement Grants – Council awarded $49,000 in cemetery improvement grants to 17 local groups for improvements to cemeteries located within the County.  

Taskforce on Getting to the Root of Rural Housing Insecurity – Council will add rural housing insecurity as an advocacy priority and directed Administration to form a task force to address the issue. The task force will be comprised of administration from area municipalities, local providers of social services to rural residents, and individuals who have experienced housing insecurity or homelessness in a rural setting.  

Financial and other Support Requests – Council approved the following requests for support from various charitable and community groups:  

  • Hythe & District Recreational Society Emergency Operational Funding – Council approved $12,500 in COVID-19 emergency funding to support the Hythe & District Recreational Society to continue operating the Hythe Community Centre, with the condition that the organization reviews their current expenses and revenues and develop a business plan.  

  • Grande Prairie Stompede Sponsorship – Council approved a gift-in-kind sponsorship valued at $14,414 to provide County RCMP Enhanced Policing and Peace Officer services to the Grande Prairie Stompede event up to a set number of hours.  

  • 3D Annual Charity Hockey and Soccer Tournament Sponsorship – Council approved $5,000 to sponsor the 3D Children’s Society in support of their annual tournament fundraiser. 

  • Odyssey House and Sunrise House Golf Tournament Sponsorship – Council approved $3,000 to sponsor the 10th annual fundraiser golf tournament supporting two local non-profit organizations.  

  • Grande Prairie Friendship Centre Gathering Gala Sponsorship – Council approved $500 to sponsor the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre’s annual fundraising event.  

Regional Handi-Bus Update – Council supports the establishment of an intermunicipal committee to continue pursuing a regional handi-bus system. Council directed Administration to appoint a County representative to the committee.  

Policies Presented for Approval – Council is undertaking a review of all County policies in 2022. The following policies were reviewed:  

  • Council rescinded Policy K3 – Developed Trail survey.  

  • Council approved Policy M13 – Physician Recruitment and Retention as presented.  

  • Council approved Policy L3 – Grader Operators Minimum Wage During Snowplowing Season as presented. 

  • Council rescinded Policy L9 – Employee Personal Protective Equipment Allowance.  

  • Council approved Policy L13 – Local Authorities Pension Plan as presented. 

  • Council approved Policy N5 – Winter Road Maintenance as presented. 

  • Council approved Policy N7 – Snowplowing for Seniors or Special Needs Individuals as presented.  

  • Council approved Policy D7 – 100 Years of Farming as presented.  

Public Hearing – Council held a public hearing for Bylaw 2680-22-010 to redesignate 42 acres of land from an Agricultural (AG) District to a Country Residential (CR-2) District to accommodate the subdivision of nine lots for residential use. Council gave the bylaw third reading.  

Public Hearing Cancellation – Council cancelled the public hearing for Bylaw 2680-21-001, which had been scheduled for June 14-15, 2022, pending results of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench judicial review of Alberta Environment and Parks’ (AEP) approval of the disposition. The Bylaw proposed an amendment to the County Land Use Bylaw to change the zoning of land currently held as a Provincial Miscellaneous Lease by the Saddle Hills Target Sports Association. 

Plow and Gravel Truck Purchase Agreement – Council directed Administration to enter into an agreement with Viking Cives Ltd. to purchase two replacement plow/gravel trucks for a total of $904,305. 

Revised Road Closure Bylaw – Council gave three readings to adopt Bylaw 3186 for a road closure, revised from Bylaw 3164, to meet registration requirements of the road closure with Alberta Land Titles.  

Development Permit Request – Council took no action on a development permit request at the request of the applicant.  

Wapiti Corridor Recreation and Trail Management Plan – Council will participate in the development of the Wapiti Corridor Recreation and Trail Management Plan by appointing Reeve Beaupre and Councillor Zimmerman to the Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee.  

New Subdivision Name Approved – Council approved naming the country residential multi-lot subdivision, located south of Township Road 750 between Range Road 55 and Range Road 60 near Webster, along with any potential future phases, as “Edge Estates”, upon registration of the subdivision plan with Land Titles. 

Hythe Athletic Association as Additional Named Insurer – Council accepted the Hythe Athletic Association’s request to be added to the County’s liability policy offered through the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) Insurance. The Association is a registered society in the province of Alberta which qualifies it for inclusion in the County’s liability policy, providing the organization with insurance at a lower cost than policies that can be sourced on their own. The Village of Hythe was dissolved into the County of Grande Prairie on July 1, 2021, which included transferring ownership of the Hythe Municipal Arena to the County.  


  • The County of Grande Prairie will proclaim May 24 - 29, 2022, as Stompede Week jointly with the City of Grande Prairie   
  • The County of Grande Prairie will proclaim May 30 – June 3, 2022, as Alberta Rural Health Week.  

Landowner Concerns – Council took no action on a landowner request to relocate a road on private land as conditions of the request for subdivision have been met and endorsed by the developer. Council directed Administration to determine if ditch clean-up or culvert replacement is required on the County right-of-way adjacent to the land in question.  

County Annual Road Tour – Council approved holding September 15 and 16 as dates for the annual County Road Tour. Council directed Administration to also consider alternative dates in August. 

Economic Development for Officials Course for County Council – Council directed Administration to host the Economic Development for Elected Officials Course on June 29, 2022, at Evergreen Park. Registration will be open to the County's regional municipalities on a cost-recovery basis. The course will provide specialized information on the strategies, tools, and resources needed to help communities thrive.  

Appointment of Weed Inspectors – Council appointed Landon Hedges and Quintara Anderson and removed Telsa Shaver and Chloe McColeman as Weed Inspectors for the 2022 season.  

Staff Introductions – Council welcomed new permanent and seasonal staff members to various departments. The Parks & Recreation department welcomed 11 returning and 13 new seasonal groundskeeping staff. Planning & Development welcomed a Student Planner for the summer as well as Tyson Selinger as a full-time Planner. Public Works welcomed new staff to the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management and seasonal public works staff.   

The next Regular Council Meeting will take place on May 30, 2022. The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will take place on May 26, 2022. 

Council and Committee meetings are available to the public via live stream. Find connection instructions and meeting agendas through the events calendar on the County website.