The Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management Access Program and Waste Cards begins for County residents on Tuesday, November 1.

Under the new program, each household in the County can dispose of their waste at the facility for free, up to 1,000 kilograms in a calendar year. Households that bring in waste above the annual amount will be subject to standard tipping fees. There is no limit to recycling.

1,000 kilograms is the equivalent of approximately 2,200 pounds, 156 large garbage bags or 52 full curbside waste carts.

“Bringing in this standard level of access for all County households will modernize our operations here at the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management and encourage families and households to be mindful of their waste,” says Jennifer Besinger, Technical Services Manager.

County residents will receive a new wallet-sized Clairmont Centre Waste Card on their first visit after November 1. The scannable cards track the weight of incoming waste for each household. When residents visit the facility with their new Waste Card, they simply tap their card when stopped at the scale house on the way in, drop off their materials as directed by the attendant, then tap at the scale house on the way out where they can choose a print copy or verbal update on the weight of their household’s waste so far in the calendar year.

Weight amounts reset for each household on January 1, each year.

Additional cards are $20. Residents with existing accounts at the facility simply need to confirm their name and address. New residents can sign up for an account by visiting the facility with proof of residency and photo ID or by filling out the online application form.

“Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help,” adds Besinger. “We will be on-site walking residents through the new program, and we’ve also prepared some great educational videos for households who would like to learn more.”

To learn more about the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management Access Program and Waste Card, visit the Clairmont Centre Access Program page and watch the educational videos or contact Public Works at 780-532-7393.



Media Contact:

Jennifer Besinger
Technical Services Manager