Thanks to a recently expanded public recreation area, the County and Camp Tamarack are eyeing enhanced opportunities for the public.

The 312-acre parcel of public land located south of Secondary Highway 668 (the Correction Line) and east of Highway 40 has been converted to a Provincial recreation lease. The County worked closely with local non-profit organization Camp Tamarack to allocate a portion of the newly expanded area for their use and management. County Council supported the expansion of the Camp’s footprint with $14,000 in community assistance grant funding.

“This is an example of a not-for-profit and municipal government working together for the good of the community,” says Camp Tamarack’s Vice President and Chairman of Land Committee, Ken Belke. “The County’s support and expertise was critical to realizing our organization’s vision for this new urban wilderness area that everyone in the region can enjoy.”

Belke worked with provincial officials including local MLAs and the Public Lands Office on the expansion of Camp Tamarack’s recreation area. The organization has been providing inclusive and barrier-free outdoor experiences to the public for over 30 years and pursued this expansion to provide even more nature-focused outdoor education opportunities.

The County will manage the north-most portion of the expanded area as an informal recreation site called Tamarack Recreation Area, which will be officially launched to the public later this year. Council approved $15,000 to help formalize the new area and add infrastructure to support day use such as bear-proof garbage cans and picnic benches.

“Camp Tamarack’s goals align with Council’s strategic theme of enhancing community wellness and safety,” says County of Grande Prairie Reeve Bob Marshall. “The County welcomed the opportunity to help secure and enhance this recreation area within our municipal border for everyone to enjoy for years to come.”

Public land earmarked for recreational use supports the natural environment and helps reduce potential misuse.

Last year, County of Grande Prairie Council approved $8 million in community contributions and grants, including $1.7 million in Capital Grants.


Media Contacts:

Bob Marshall
Reeve, County of Grande Prairie

Ken Belke
Vice Present and Chairman of Land Committee, Camp Tamarack

About Camp Tamarack

Camp Tamarack strives to provide an inclusive and barrier-free outdoor camping experience through accessible, fun-filled, and innovative programs. The non-profit organization located in the County of Grande Prairie offers summer camps and outdoor programming for youth, schools, and organizations, for people with and without disabilities, to enhance the quality of life for all camp participants. 

Orange: Original Camp Tamarack lease. 
Red: Expanded Camp Tamarack lease area.  
Green: Tamarack Recreation Area.