Stormwater Management Solutions – Administration and Council discussed ongoing efforts and possible solutions to mitigate stormwater management issues the County continues to face due to periods of heavy precipitation, rapid spring thaw and runoff, or insufficient or outdated infrastructure in some cases, which has resulted in overland flooding in several areas of the County damaging roads and infrastructure.

Council directed Administration to bring a draft Stormwater Management Policy to the August 10, 2020, Council Meeting. This policy will provide the County with criteria of how to protect infrastructure and assist residents with stormwater drainage where possible while adhering to the Environmental Regulations of Alberta.

The County has invested over $2 million in 2020 to repair roads and infrastructure damaged by overland flooding and has applied for Disaster Recovery Assistance funding through the provincial government. The County also invested $39.5 million for capital road and bridge projects, $1 million for the Crossroads Stormwater Pond, and $515,000 on the Ditch Cleaning Program this year. Other ongoing efforts and priorities to mitigate stormwater issues include repairing other roads, ditches and stormwater management systems on County right-of-way and private property; developing and improving stormwater management plans and standards for existing, new and future subdivisions; and developing a Stormwater Management Policy.

County Annual Road Tour – Administration and Council discussed rescheduling the County Annual Road Tour. The annual two-day event is led by the Public Works department who tour Council and select employees around specific areas of the County to highlight

capital road, bridge and infrastructure projects that are underway.

Typically, the tour is held in the spring but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Council directed Administration to develop a plan for a road tour to take place in the fall to show projects that are in progress or completed.

Alberta Environment and Parks Update – Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) representatives provided Council with an update on their role in addressing overland flooding, stormwater management issues, the Lieu Fee program, and County storm ponds under the Wetland Replacement Program. AEP and Council also discussed opportunities to enhance communication and collaboration to become more effective with the management of overland flooding and addressing Water Act inquiries.

2020 Capital Expenditure Report – Administration presented the report for capital expenses and revenues for the County for the second quarter of 2020. This report is used to compare against the approved operating and capital budget approved by Council in April 2020. The report also helps determine whether changes to budget allocations are required based on variances. Frequent interim financial reporting is considered finance and accountability best practice. 

Tax Payment Update – Administration provided an update to Council on the 2020 property taxes paid to date to the County. The County has collected approximately 43 per cent of taxes, which is about half of what the County receives typically by the end of June. The property tax payment deadline was June 30, 2020; however, Council approved waiving late payment fees made between July 1 and October 30, 2020.  

County Investment Portfolio Presentation – Chrenek Dion & Associates of RBC Dominion Securities representatives presented the annual portfolio for the County’s investments. The presentation addressed the rate of return summaries and comparisons with appropriate benchmarks, a review of investment amounts, interest rates and influences, and the cash flow strategy.

Eastlink and GPNetwork Presentations – Eastlink and GPNetwork representatives made their respective presentations to Council about current service areas, services offered, fibre optics strategies for the region including the County, and customer service strategies.

The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will take place on August 20, 2020. Next Regular Council Meeting will take place on August 10, 2020.

Council and Committee meetings can be accessed electronically through the events calendar on the County website.