Area residents, businesses and other interested members of the public are invited to attend an open house to provide feedback on the Northeast (NE) Clairmont Area Structure Plan (ASP).  

Interested individuals can stop by the Redwood Inn, located at 8117 99 Street in Clairmont across from the County of Grande Prairie Administration Building, tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26 from 4 to 7 p.m.  

According to Planning and Development Services Director Nick Lapp, those impacted by the ASP will be interested in attending this open house to ensure their voice is represented.  

We have developed an ASP that considers the best types of land use for the area and earlier public feedback,” says Lapp. “Anyone with an interest in future development of the area, questions or concerns is encouraged to stop by the open house to connect with County staff.”  

This plan will guide development of land located north of Highway 43, east of Clairmont Lake, south of Township Road 730, and to the east boundary of the Hamlet. The plan encompasses over 3,300 acres, outlining future land use and development plans, including roads and other infrastructure. 

This area of the Hamlet was identified for potential growth for residential development in the County’s Growth and Economic Development Strategy.  

The open house marks the end of the second phase of the project. The third and final phase will involve finalizing the plan and presenting it to Council for Public Hearing and final decision.  

More information about the proposed plan is available at 

ASPs provide a framework for the development of lands for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. A priority of the plans is ensuring all development aligns with the goals, objectives and policies of the County. They are prepared in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Subdivision and Development Regulation, and the County’s Municipal Development Plan.  


Media Contact:  

Nick Lapp 
Director of Planning and Development Services