At approximately 8 a.m. the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service was dispatched to a crane motor fire on the 3rd floor at International Paper. The fire was under control on arrival and investigated by the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service.

At approximately 6 p.m. the County Regional Fire Service was dispatched to a reported residential structure fire just south of Highway 668 on Range Road 62. Smoke was present in the basement and thoroughly investigated before the crew departed the scene.

At approximately 7 p.m. the County Regional Fire Service was dispatched to a structure fire at the Weyerhaeuser Planer Mill. Due to the previous fire still being in progress, the closest available engine was requested, as mutual aid, from the Grande Prairie Fire Department. County Fire, GPFD, and the Wembley Fire Department worked quickly to control the planer mill fire and ensure it was fully extinguished.

All 3 incidents are under investigation by the County Fire Marshal. There were no injuries.

In addition to the 3 structure fires, the County Regional Fire Service was also busy coordinating and pre-planning around 4 different wildfires in the Forest Protection Area bordering the County of Grande Prairie. There are 2 fires in British Columbia, one within 4km of the County boundary near Peavine Creek, and another 30km from the County boundary near Boot Lake. Both pose no immediate threat to the County, but crews from Hythe and Wembley were doing assessments in the border area today, preparing structural protection plans should they be needed. Local residents were also engaged by crews and provided advice on how to Fire Smart their properties.

The County Regional Fire Service is also closely monitoring 2 fires in the Saddle Hills and working closely with Alberta Wildfire and Saddle Hills County. There is no current threat to the County of Grande Prairie. The LaGlace Station is assisting Alberta Wildfire by setting up structural protection at the White Mountain Fire Base and Lookout as a precautionary measure at the request of Alberta Wildfire.

Should the wildfire situation change appropriate actions will be taken to notify residents and industry in any affected area. The County Fire Service has also strategically relocated structure protection units closer to the fire areas, should they be required for property protection. 


Media Contact:

Jason Nesbitt
Deputy Fire Chief
County Regional Fire Service

Fire Service responds to fire