September 13, 2021 

STARS Funding Request – Council deferred the annual operating funding request of $200,000 from the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) to the next Council meeting. The request covers a three-year term encompassing 2022-2024.  

Council and Board Member Honoraria and Expense Reimbursement Policy Approved – Council approved Policy F10, Council and Board Member Honoraria and Expense Reimbursement Policy, with amendmentsThe policy, which consolidates several existing bylaws and policies, was developed from recommendations put forward by the new Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee. The ad-hoCommittee was established in December 2020 and is comprised of two Council members and three public members, marking the first time the public has been included in this process. Recommendations come into effect on October 25, 2021, the date of the organizational meeting following the municipal election. Read the media release 

Annual Review of Reference Summary for Council Boards & Committees – Council approved the Reference Summary for Council Boards and Committees as presentedwith recommendations from the Committee of the Whole. The reference summary is a guide to obtain relevant information while increasing the internal and external understanding of roles and responsibilities of the boards, committees and other non-profit agencies, enhancing understanding of legislative requirements, and assisting in internal and external engagement.  

Procedural Bylaw Updated – Bylaw 3168 Procedural Bylaw regulates the proceedings of Council, Committee of the Whole and Council Committee Meetings, and is scheduled for annual review at the organizational meeting. Due to the number of changes presentedAdministration opted to proceed with amendments while the current Council is in place. Council gave the bylaw all three readingswith updates to ensure consistent language and meanings, to reflect Council meeting procedures more accurately, and to allow Councillors to participate virtually with restrictions.  

Wapiti Corridor Multi-Use Plan – Due to the increased pressure on the unoccupied public lands between Bear Creek and Pipestone CreekCouncil directed Administration to consult with the City of Grande Prairie and then bring the updated Wapiti Corridor Multi-Use Plan to a future Council meeting for adoption. In 2015, the Wapiti Corridor Planning Society (WCPS) voted to amend the Wapiti Corridor Multi-Use Plan for only the public lands in the County, with the intent to submit it to the Provincial Government for approval. Due to their inability to amend the plan, the WCPS reached out to County Administration who, at that time, amended the plan. However, the WCPS dissolved in 2019 before County Council could adopt it and resubmit it to the Provincial Government. 

Public Hearings – Council held public hearings for the following:  

  • Bylaw 2680-21-023 to redesignate 21.37 acres of land located directly west of Range Road 63 across from the Aquatera Lagoon, 0.5 miles north of Township Road 724, 1.5 miles west of Ferguson Lake, and within the Hamlet of Clairmont from an Agricultural (AG) District to a Highway Industrial (RM-4) District, to accommodate the subdivision of two lots and an internal road. Council gave the bylaw third reading. 

  • Bylaw 2680-21-024 to redesignate 0.255 acres of land of located approximately one mile east of Highway 40 and in the Dunes subdivision from Country Residential (CR-1) to Rural Estate (RE) District, to accommodate a boundary adjustment between Plan 872 1777; Lot 6 and unregistered Lot 26, Block 1. Council gave the bylaw third reading. 

  • Bylaw 2680-21-025 to redesignate 11.90 acres of land located within the Hamlet of Clairmont, adjacent to Whispering Ridge, HWY 43 West Industrial Park, the City of Grande Prairie and Range Road 62 from the Agricultural (AG) District to the Rural Residential (RR-2) District, to allow for the development of 45 lots for residential use and a Municipal Reserve (MR) lot. Council gave the bylaw third reading. 

  • Bylaw 3164 Road Closure of Portion of Road Plan 915MC – Council gave third reading to Bylaw 3164 which will see closure of a portion of Road Plan 915MC, located adjacent to 148 Avenue west of Highway 2 within the Hamlet of Clairmont, to facilitate the sale of the land to an adjacent landowner. 

Cancelled Golf Tournament Sees Funding Reallocated to Odyssey HouseSunrise House – With the cancellation of the 10th annual Odyssey House / Sunrise House Golf Tournament event, Council approved reallocating sponsorship in the amount of $3,000 as a donation, to be split equally between the two organizations.  

Approval Granted for Recreation Advisory Board Boundary Adjustment – Council approved Policy K15 Operating Assistance: Recreation Advisory Boards and Policy K17 Recreation Advisory Boards as presented. The ‘Schedule A’ map contained in Policy K15 and K17 reflects the boundary changes for the 2022 Recreation Advisory Board appointments. On the map, the southern boundary of the Clairmont-Bezanson Recreation Advisory Board follows the city boundaries to Hwy 670, making it easier for groups applying to determine the correct recreation board they fall under.  

Bylaw 3160 County – Aquatera Utility Bylaw – Bylaw 3070 has been replaced by Bylaw 3160 County – Aquatera Utility Bylaw and includes updated utility rates for 2021. Rates are set annually by Council. At the beginning of 2021, the 2020 approved subsidy amounts were automatically applied to 2021 billings prior to Council’s approval. Council has since directed Administration to apply a subsidy to the residential and non-residential rates in the Hamlet of Clairmont. Bylaw 3160 includes 2021 rates with the subsidy approved by Council applied. Council gave the bylaw all three readings.  

Invitation to Horse Lake BioEnergy Junction Ground-Breaking Ceremony – Council members were authorized to attend the ground-breaking ceremony of the Horse Lake BioEnergy Junction on September 15, 2021 – thfirst fully integrated bio-refinery (IBR) in the Canadian landscape with a focus on year-round greenhouse operation 

October 17-23, 2021, Proclaimed as Small Business Week – The County of Grande Prairie and City of Grande Prairie have joined with the Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce in proclaiming Small Business Week, October 17-23, 2021. Read the joint media release.

Employee Introductions – Council and staff welcomed Danielle Kusyk and Bobby Hooper to the County. Danielle has taken on the role of Divisional Accountant in the Analysis and Reporting area. Bobby is the new Sportsfield and Cemetery Specialist in the Parks and Recreation department. 

The next Regular Council Meeting will take place on September 27, 2021. A Committee of the Whole Meeting is scheduled for September 23, 2021. 

Council and Committee meetings agendas can be accessed through the County website.