The County of Grande Prairie’s dedicated snow removal crews are ready to put over 30 specialized vehicles to use clearing snow and ice from more than 3,700 km of roads.  

“We have dedicated crews for rural and residential snow removal in the County,” says Ryan Konowalyk, General Manager, Transportation and Utilities. “This season has been different than most, but we are always ready to get to work clearing roads and keeping people moving safely.” 

When a large amount of snow has fallen, the crews’ priority is to ensure high volume roads and school zones are cleared first, with all roads in hamlets and residential subdivisions cleared within a 12-day cycle, and all gravel roads cleared within a five-day cycle once 15 cm of snow has accumulated. Multiple snowfalls and frigid temperatures within a short period may affect the clearing cycle. 

“We all appreciate how important snow and ice control is and the County asks residents to do their part by moving vehicles to reduce the risk of property and equipment damage and to keep snow clearing moving efficiently,” says Konowalyk. “We’ve found residents who subscribe to our Residential Snow Removal emails really appreciate the advance notice for parking bans and updates on clearing progress.”  

Residents are also asked to watch for digital No Parking signage at entrances to some hamlets and subdivisions. Vehicles must be moved from roadways between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. when the No Parking sign is lit and for the duration of temporary parking bans. Areas affected by temporary parking restrictions include: 

  • The Hamlet of Clairmont, from 100 Avenue to 116 Avenue 

  • Subdivisions of Whispering Ridge & Westlake Village in the Hamlet of Clairmont 

  • Subdivision of Wedgewood 

  • Subdivisions of Maple Ridge & Taylor Estates 

  • The Hamlet of Hythe 

  • The Hamlet of La Glace 

View the interactive residential snow removal status web map for complete parking ban information and learn more about snow removal in the County and what residents should do to ensure safe and efficient clearing. 

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Media Contact:  
Ryan Konowalyk 
General Manager, Transportation and Utilities