The County of Grande Prairie prioritizes crime prevention

 Today, Council approved the Crime Prevention Committee’s Annual Work Plan. The plan focuses on fostering a safer environment through collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and targeted interventions aimed at reducing crime and ensuring the well-being of residents.

“Residents have made it clear; crime reduction and safety are top priorities,” said Reeve Bob Marshall. “That’s why we’re focusing strongly on crime prevention so community members can feel safe and secure. By doing this, we aim to foster a sense of trust, unity, and a strong sense of togetherness within the County.”

Two additions were made to the Plan. Council wants stronger inclusion of the rural crime watch committees and consideration of a virtual meeting option for planned divisional meetings starting in 2024.

Council directed Administration to pursue grant opportunities for the requested Crime Prevention Coordinator position. This position, or other options for strategy implementation, will be considered in the final budget in April 2024.

“Administration is committed to look at a variety of options for supporting crime prevention needs,” said Darryl Martin, General Manager, Community Services. “There is a need for collaboration with law enforcement, community organizations, and residents to assess risks, organize educational programs, and identify new opportunities to support the community. Options may include partnerships, a new position, or other creative ways to ensure the focus on crime prevention remains.”

The Crime Prevention Committee provides Council with strategic recommendations relating to the reduction of crime and engaging and educating the community on crime prevention and reduction. The Committee develops an annual work plan for Council review and approval.

The Annual Plan was developed through approaches developed by Council members and staff with guidance from the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention. The Plan includes short, medium and long-term strategies and goals.

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