Yolo Nomads Collaborates with the County of Grande Prairie and Towns to Attract Remote Workers

Grande Prairie, Alberta - The County of Grande Prairie, Towns of Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, and Wembley announce a strategic partnership with Yolo Nomads aimed at showcasing the unique advantages of rural living for digital nomads and remote workers seeking an alternative to urban life.

An increasing number of individuals are exploring rural communities that offer a peaceful environment for work, coupled with a strong sense of community. This region caters to this need with its scenic beauty and community-oriented lifestyle.

“Partnering with Yolo Nomads opens a new chapter for the County of Grande Prairie, showcasing our beautiful rural living as an ideal setting for remote workers. This collaboration with the towns of Wembley, Beaverlodge, and Sexsmith reflects our commitment to innovation and community growth. We're thrilled to embark on this journey, bringing together modern work lifestyles with the unique charm and tranquillity of our region.” – County of Grande Prairie, Reeve Bob Marshall.

Mayor Kelly Peterson of Wembley echoes the excitement of showcasing our region and partnership, stating, “We are excited to be able to promote our region with its vast natural beauty, great rural charm and many opportunities to work and play.”

“In working with our partners, we hope to bring remote workers to our towns.  Only when living in a small town can one experience a sense of a close-knit community”. - Town of Beaverlodge, Gary Rycroft

"The Town of Sexsmith is excited to participate in this partnership. This region has so much to offer, and when newcomers experience life in smaller, rural communities, they will discover what attracts so many to this area. Natural beauty + strong community = ideal lifestyle!" States Sexsmith Mayor Kate Potter.

Luke Panek, Director of Yolo Nomads, expresses his excitement regarding this partnership, stating, "The Region embodies the values sought after by today's remote workers, offering a lifestyle that harmoniously blends work with community engagement. We are delighted to join the County in its journey to become a top remote work destination."

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The Region’s allure extends beyond its picturesque landscapes. The County promises a fulfilling work-life balance with a welcoming community.

About Yolo Nomads

Yolo Nomads leads the way in redefining remote work by connecting digital nomads with rural communities that offer untapped potential for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. The company's mission is to foster growth in these communities, ensuring their resilience and prosperity in an evolving work environment.


Media Contacts:

Bob Marshall
Reeve, County of Grande Prairie
Clairmont, Alberta
Phone: (780) 532-9722
Email: communications@countygp.ab.ca
Website: www.countygp.ab.ca

Gary Rycroft
Mayor, Town of Beaverlodge
Beaverlodge, Alberta
Phone: (780) 354-2201
Email: grycroft@beaverlodge.ca
Website: www.beaverlodge.ca

Kate Potter
Mayor, Town of Sexsmith
Sexsmith, Alberta
Phone: 780-568-3681
Email: mayorpotter@sexsmith.ca
Website: www.sexsmith.ca

Kelly Peterson
Mayor, Town of Wembley
Wembley, Alberta
Phone: 780-876-5150
Email:  mayorpeterson@wembley.ca
Website: www.wembley.ca

Luke Panek
Director, Yolo Nomads
Email: luke@yolonomads.com
Website: www.yolonomads.com