The County is proud to be participating in the Heritage Sites Identification program. Below you will find pictures and information on some of the Heritage Inventory in our County. You can find more information about the Heritage Sites Identification program on the Alberta Register of Historic Places. If you would like any further information on the sites listed below or know of a site you feel should be designated, please contact our Economic Development office.

Bezanson Townsite, 1908

Old Bezanson Townsite Sign


The Bezanson Townsite cultural landscape is on a quarter section of land owned by the County. Though no buildings remain on the site, the landscape is still much the same as it was when Ancel Maynard Bezanson first subdivided the land. The Bezanson Townsite is located along the Smoky River in the southeast corner of the county. 

Immaculate Heart Church, 1954

Immaculate Heart Straw Church


Erected in 1954, the Immaculate Heart Church is a one-storey stucco-clad church with a font-facing cross gable roof and a cross-topped belfry. It is located in the Bad Heart District of the County, near the intersection of Range Road 25 and Township Road 752.

Melsness Mercantile, 1923

Melsness Mercantile


Built in 1923, the Melsness Mercantile building is a one-storey, painted wood frame, commercial structure designed with a false front boomtown façade. It occupies one lot on the main street of Valhalla Centre.