Environmental Site Inquiry Request

The County can provide a formal response to an Environmental Site Inquiry that states any permits on a property and if it meets all regulations in the Zoning Bylaw. Environmental Site Inquiries are usually a condition placed on the seller by either the purchaser or their lending institution to protect their client's investments. Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the seller to obtain an Environmental Site Inquiry so that the new owners know they won't be liable for any illegal construction or encroachment onto public property.

An Environmental Site Inquiry may be requested when:

  • Real estate is sold, or purchased;
  • Financial institutions require an inquiry when approving mortgages;
  • Lawyers representing purchasers may request an inquiry;
  • Standard residential real estate purchase contracts.

When the County performs an Environmental Site Inquiry any information related to the following will be provided in a report:

  • Property zoning;
  • Preliminary Agreement for use in case of any title or any work;
  • Development permits issued;
  • Safety code permits issued;
  • Instruments on title;
  • Provincial permits issued;
  • Federal license issued;
  • Real property reports (applicant and compliance);
  • Reports;
  • Land Use Bylaw violations;
  • Notices;
  • Off-Site levies;
  • Landfill;
  • Fire violations.

The information provided in the report does not include copies of any of the above mentioned documents. To obtain copies of any these documents a FOIP request will need to be submitted. If there's a problem with your property, it will be mentioned in the Environmental Site Inquiry response.

Please note at this time we do not provide information regarding expropriation. Please contact Alberta Land Titles at 780-427-2742 as they may be able to help you.  

NOTE: A $200 (plus GST) fee is required FOR EACH ADDRESS REQUESTED.

Methods of payment may include:

  • Cheque (payable to the County of Grande Prairie No.1)
  • Credit card (Mastercard or VISA accepted)
  • Charge to your account (contact Accounts Receivable to set up an account at 780-513-3965)

Please note credit card payments are currently not available online.  To pay via credit card phone: 780-532-9722.

We strive to complete your request within a three week period; however, requests will only be processed once payment has been received.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Corporate Records and Information Coordinator at (780) 532-9722 ext. 1175 or email enviroinquiry@countygp.ab.ca

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