Occurrence Reporting Program

If you wish to include a photo or other document with your occurrence report, please email the files to enforcementservices@countygp.ab.ca. Please be sure to include your first and last name in your email so that we can easily associate your email to your occurrence report.

Witness Information

Details of Offense

(EG: house number, street, avenue, subdivision, hamlet/town name, range/township road, highway number, etc.)

(if applicable)

Description of Vehicle

(EG: Ford, Chev, etc.)

(EG: Tempo, Malibu, etc.)

Description of Dog

(EG: pin striping, decaling, unit number, company name or logo, dog collar, tag number, special markings or tattoos, etc.)

Describe the Offense

Describe what you observed:

  • Vehicle: signage, traffic volume, road & weather conditions, occupants of vehicle, handicapped parking, etc.
  • Dog: actions of the dog (EG: barking, biting, dog at large, etc.)
  • Other complaints: bylaws, provincial statues, etc.
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