Be Fire Safe

Stay aware of the current Wildfire Rating and always remember if you are out exploring crown lands to ensure any campfires are completely extinguished and be cautious when participating in activities such as riding ATV and other off-highway vehicles. 

If you are exploring areas in the County view our interactive map. If you are in areas marked Red, including the Dunes area, you are not allowed to have fire without a permit. 

If you are planning on having an outdoor fire on your property, be sure you have the applicable fire permit contact and contact your local Fire Guardians.  

Fire Guardians assist with issuing Fire Permits and help to educate you on safe burning practices. Based on your Fire Burning Area, please contact a Fire Guardian for your division. 

 Division #1 Bezanson

Mike Starosta, 780-897-8468

Madison Bulford, 587-202-7565

Jordan Storey, 587-343-4172

 Division #2 Clairmont & Red Zones
County Regional Fire Service, 780-532-9727
 Division #3 Dunes - Yellow Zone & Subdivisions

Kody Gerein, 780-897-6300

Tracay Depew, 587-297-1524

James Hassim, 780-830-6552

Dawn Dalke, 780-898-9719


Division #4 East of Wembley

Nathan Dahl 780-830-8832

Logan Stacey 780-512-3026

Mike Moon 780-380-0438

Division #5 West of Wembley

Alfred Golnick, (C) 780-933-9221 (H) 780-766-2735

Jamie Querin, 780-512-8244

Lynda Ost, (C) 780-296-2825 


Division #6 Beaverlodge

Adam Heslop, 780-228-6027

Stan Berry, 780-933-7765

Ron Kubbernus, (C) 780-300-5883 (H) 780-354-8974

Division #7 Hythe

Dallas Pierson, 780-832-8667

John Moutray, 780-978-1030

Brittany Fleck, 587-202-5550

Division #8 La Glace

John Moutray, 780-978-1030

Clinton Edey, 780-897-6519

Tyler Choboter, 780-605-2944

Division #9 Sexsmith / Teepee Creek

Lawrence Phillips, 780-882-6079 

Pat McLaughlin, 780-876-6808  

Doug Spry, 780-832-8103 

Lisa Chambers 780-897-3539 (Bad Heart Area Only)

 Forestry (Alberta Agriculture and Forestry)

Peter Paterschuk - County & Grovedale, 780-524-1648

Moira Boomgaardon - North of Sexsmith & Spirit River, 780-814-1983

Larry Morrison - Valleyview, 780-524-6576